Race: Gnome
Age: 45
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Warrior
Professions: OOGO NO WORK!


A short and stocky Gnome with a crisscrossing scar in the shape of Kalimdor on top of his head. He carries a constant smile and a limber stride similar to that of a horse ready to meet it‘s maker. Split down the middle, his frizzy hair has a completely different view on life compared to most upwardly mobile hair follicles. When walking his mix-matched armor clinks and bounces.


When the invasion of Gnomeragan erupted Oogo, then known as “Oo’grath” picked up a large metal rod from his father‘s workshop (nice rod too, very shiny), Opened their front door, and was greeted by a very large mace which proceeded to split his skull. The result of this put him into a deep comatose slumber that lasted over the next few weeks.

When Oogo finally awoke, extremely well rested, his past memories had vanished. Much like the tasty sandwich he was about to eat before this whole inconvenient situation started in the first place. Oogo’s soft mushy gray matter took the blunt of the damage. With the visage and slurred yell of the War Trogg the only memory still etched into his skull, Oogo became the only thing he could comprehend, a Trogg. Well, sort of. Now, very lost in the mind, he now wanders the slightly crowded city of Stormwind. He has become his own victim. This results in a few minor problems.

First, when Oogo see himself in a reflective surface (such as a large body of water) he instinctively believes he is seeing another Trogg and proceeds to try and make friends. Yet his eagerness moves to frustrations, then anger as the other Trogg begins to repeat every sound and action Oogo makes. This results in fight, then a large splash, followed by a wet gnome sulking off, head down.

The other problem is of course his voice. His very loud voice. His very very loud voice. And his inability to control the tone of said voice to anything other then “please stop yelling at me” loud. Still, on a positive note, this makes him very easy to find in a crowd.

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