An OSH roleplay wedding

Summary Edit

Faction: Alliance
Guild Leaders: Fayde
Officer Contacts: Aedimus, Anayaath, Gerou, Jenz, Krity, Lunafosevi, Meadbh, Rampage, Reevkah, Yulang
Members on TB Wiki: Helassaid
Roleplay: Light roleplay, RP not required, OOC guild chat
PvE Progression: All 5 and 10-mans (including Valthalak), Zul'Gurub (cleared), Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (Moam), Onyxia (cleared), Molten Core (cleared), Blackwing Lair (Vael)
Focus: A close-knit, family guild with RP events and high-end raids aimed at lending a helping hand where needed. Plenty of dedicated PvPers as well.

History Edit

Founded at the dawn of the Thorium Brotherhood server, Order of Shining Hearts (formerly Order of the Silver Hand) stands as “a helping hand to the Alliance,” as stated in the guild charter. Members are encouraged to do all they can (within reason) to assist their guildmates as well as players outside the guild with their crafting, leveling and questing needs. Many members are adamant roleplayers, PvPers and now raiders, though these things have never been the main focus or purpose of OSH.

In September 2006, the guild underwent a name change due to a change in leadership wherein the former guild master reportedly stopped playing World of Warcraft altogether. Since he neither disbanded the guild nor appointed someone else GM before leaving, the guild had to be re-formed. The name Order of Shining Hearts was chosen to retain the OSH acronym. The old website was retained as well as most of the active members, making the transition near seamless.

“OSH Style” Edit


The OSH tabard

OSH prides itself in not doing things “by the book,” so to speak. Players are encouraged to play the class and specialization they love just so long as they learn to play it well and make the most of their abilities. All efforts are made to allow players of the so-called “off-specs” to do the thing they enjoy doing best. Moonkins, shadow priests, feral druids, and DPS warriors can and do find homes within the ranks of the Order. OSH regularly uses paladins and bear druids as off-tanks and main-tanks in raids in addition to using mortal strike warriors, fury warriors, balance druids, cat druids and shadow priests for DPS. Neither does OSH balk at boss encounters when lacking the recommended classes, races and numbers. Onyxia and Magmadar were first defeated by OSH without the aid of Fear Ward, Majordomo was initially downed with only three mages, and Garr is regularly defeated with only one or two warlocks. In short, “just shut up and heal” is not a view espoused by OSH.

Raiding Edit

OSH does not consider itself a “raiding guild,” at least not in the sense that other raiding guilds do. OSH raids because its members enjoy pressing onward into new content together, not to get “phat lewtz” (though make no mistake, its members do enjoy their phat lewtz very, very much). Typically 40-man instance raids are held on weekends at 7 pm server time, while 20-mans are done off-and-on during the week, always at 7 pm server time. OSH uses a basic zero-sum DKP system for distributing loot in 40-man raids and a modified rolling system for 20-man raid loot.

Numbers & Players Edit

Over 140 individual players call OSH their home. Most are level 60 or near to it, but OSH does not impose a strict level requirement on new recruits. OSH is a family guild in more ways than one; many of its members play with their spouses, children, brothers, sisters, and real-life friends and neighbors. Many members post pictures of themselves on the guild forums and keep members updated on important real-life events. Some of its members have even met in real life as a result of the friendship started in OSH.

Links Edit

Order of Shining Hearts Forums
OSH Charter

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