Rumor has it that the Order of Tirisfal is a secret organization of spies and mages, who seek out signs of the Burning Legion. When a threat is found, the Order unites against it. They also safeguard humanity against gross abuses of magic.


Tirisfal Glades

Of course, all this is simply myth. The Order of Tirisfal does not exist.


Order of Tirisfal is an organization over two thousand years old. The members of the order were first gathered together to watch for signs of the Burning Legion. The group use to meet in Tirisfal, hense the name.

In the not so distant past, the Order would chose one single Guardian to watch over all of the world. All members of the Order fused their magic into the Guardian, who would then become a very powerful soldier against the Burning Legion.

As time passed, the Order found that trusting all their power in one person was a flawed plan, and changed their practicies.

About Us(OoC)Edit

We are a group of friends who created a role-playing guild in order to enjoy the game together. We will explore quests, professions, role playing, instances, and eventually end-game content together as a community. We plan on raiding only about three times a week.

Many of us are working adults with kids and families. Not everone in the guild role plays, but we try to make everyone feel at home.

ContactEdit - Guild forums

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