Orimm StarblinkEdit

Race: Night Elf
Age: 846
Birthplace: Moonglade
Class: Priest
Professions: Self-Proclaimed Glamour Model, Dark Witch
Affiliations: Orimm was previously an ambassador for the Furbolgs. Recently though she's grown fond of the Consortium Ethereals and their various Cosmetics for trade.

Appearance: Orimm is an inch shorter than the norm. for Night Elf women. She's very lithe and bares an hour glass figure. Shrouding her neck and across her forehead are several Netherweave bandages, her skin appears to be peeling around her facial features as well. Her lips are smeared with glossy purple lipstick. Her eyebrows are extra, extra curvy, granting her a sinister visage. If she is seen standing still for too long, her body will wobble, and her head will bob to the front and back slowly, as if her neck is straining to keep it straight.Everywhere Orimm goes, she brings her trunk with her. It's a dusty, antique looking purple trunk, about five feet long and two and a half wide. There is a heavy scent of Wild Steelbloom and various herbs wafting and emitting from the trunk, possibly disguising more sinister objects within?


Orimm is ambigeously evil, time and place are irrellevant to this behavior. She's always willing to pitch in her opinion, whether or not she was asked for it. There is virtually nothing that would startle or intimidate her, Orimm will remain calm in even the most dire circumstances.Due to her nature, Orimm can be found in the middle of town, or large crowds, talking to herself.She also has a very, very warped sense of humor.In combat Orimm is aloof, it is hard to keep Orimm in check or under boot. She might get distracted by simple things, trampled flowers, critters like rabbits or deer, or mortaly wounded and/or expired soldiers. Orimm has no problem killing people, but it's always for the wrong reasons.When someone is injured, Orimm feels it's her job to heal them regardless of situation, exception being it was her in the firstplace that inflicted said injury. She has a weak spot for helping others, and as a true priest she follows the old code of doctors. If someone is hurt, it is her job to tend to them, not to judge good or evil. Though if someone shows her a lot of sass, well they're probaly forfeiting any chance of being healed.

Recent EventsEdit

Orimm has been subjected to the power of her Demi-god, Est'Kataar the Mantis. He possessed her form in order to assist her in gaining power. Through much persuasion he managed to recruit the Sentinel Warrior, Saix Aerova, to this simple cause. She was threatened into employment, forced to trudge into the Swamps of Sorrow in search of Orimm's watery cadaver. Much to Est'Kataar's displeasure Saix Aerova had failed to meet up to the task in the first two weeks, however, giving her a reprimand she quickly got on task and found Orimm's drowned corpse. Est'Kataar performed a ritual on Orimm's body, allowing her ghostly essence to be bound and empowered to her old druid body. She would no longer need the old methods to disguise herself, and her form is now solid. Orimm was present during most of the acts with Saix, though she remembers next to nothing on the subject.

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