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Real Name: Lucielle Shadowstorm

Race: Night Elf
Age: 5,000 (Approximate)
Birthplace: Nighthaven, Moonglade
Class: Rogue
Professions: Unknown
Affiliations: Retired Alliance Commander, Mercenary Assassin

Appearance: The Kaldorei known as Ozka typically has two appearances that she is known by, and these different appearances are associated with different names. However, only one appearance is commonly known, that of Ozka the Assassin and Retired Commander.

Ozka is taller than the average Night Elf female, just slightly shorter in height than the average male Night Elf, but certainly as tall as the tallest Human. Clad in the traditional Purple-tinted leather armor of high-ranking assassins within the Alliance Army, the armor as well as her taller-than-average height give Ozka a highly imposing figure. Her body is completely covered by the armor, and if it were not for her height, shape, and the long ears coming from her helmet, it would be hard to tell that she was even a Night Elf, much less a female one. Only a thin visor on the helmet, which allows for vision, remains unarmored, revealing her eyes which seem to seethe with hatred. She walks around with feral grace, obviously someone in excellent condition, but her walk, like her appearance, is imposing, and it frequently makes her the target of both stares and nervous expressions. At her waist typically lie two fearsome looking swords, one especially tinted red, which only seems to add to the imposing image.


In the present day, Ozka's personality remains a mystery, since she has only recently resurfaced from her mysterious dissapearence which lasted over two months.

What is remembered about her is that she is very quiet, a 'loner' by nature when nothing is going on. When conducting business however, she displays considerable finesse and skill socially, able to pass herself off in numerous capacities. When approached, she is suprisingly friendly, but because of her imposing image, very few actually try to speak with her in friendly conversation. She seems to hold particular passion for the sea, fishing, swimming, and aquatic activities in general. However, when asked about her past directly she tends to grow quiet, usually evading the question or not truly answering. Contrary to her appearence, discussion about military affairs also does not interest her.

From those that know her, the primary feeling they say that they get when Ozka is nearby is a sense of foreboding, and an unpleasant aura of shed blood, which only seems to dissapear when engaged in friendly conversation with her. Ozka is a known killer, both in terms of military assassination and local murders within Stormwind City. Her skills as an assassin - as well as her connections to the highest leaders of the Alliance - frequently save her from being arrested or captured by local authorities, who by now are confident in her judgement. The result is someone who is feared, loved, and, ultimately, almost a complete mystery to the world.


Moonglade: The Early yearsEdit

Lucielle Moonshade's origins are unknown, even to her. What she does know is that she was born in the ancient city of Nighthaven in Moonglade. The beautiful city next to great lake of Elune'ara is majestic, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and is the primary seat of power for the Cenarion Circle. Lucielle (from here on known as Luci) grew up under the wing of the Druids, learning their language and becoming knowledgeable in their ways, but never truly embracing them or becoming an apprentice of the druidic ways. Her passion was Fishing, which she frequently did both on Lake Elune'ara, but soon enough in Darkshore and out in the ocean. Though, as stated above, even Luci herself has little specific memory of her time with the druids, she estimates that she lived among them for around 2,000 years.

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After living amongst the druids for many years, Luci decided to start a new life amongst the woods of Ashenvale, close the the Zoram Strand where she could continue to fish and enjoy life off the coasts. However, her druidic roots had not dissapeared entirely, and she continued to make frequent visits to Moonglade. In time, around 1,000 years ago (Luci is now around 4,000 years old), she met a young druid named Sulrien Leafshade, who began to accompany her on her fishing and sailing expeditions. In time, the two would wed and produce a family of two children: a daughter, Lurienna, and a son, Venne.

Luci and her family settled in Ashenvale, on a small home on the coast from which she would take her family on numerous voyages along the coast, one going as far south as Feralas. As her children grew, Luci remained content, leading a happy - and in her mind- fulfilled life. Though not bored with the pleasant lifestyle, Luci did begin to wonder, being one of the immortal Night Elves, if she would be able to life in such comfort and simplicity for eternity.

The Third War: TragedyEdit

History would, inevitably, not allow Luci to live in peace, undisturbed forever, as she hoped that she would be able to do. 6 years ago, as is commonly known, the Burning Legion returned to the world of Azeroth, and unleashed a massive force upon the world. For Luci, the news did not strike her as deeply as it did the rest of her family, who immediately volunteered to aid the Sentinels in their efforts. Though Sulrien stayed with Luci so that she would not be alone, Lurienna and Venne immediately headed to Astrannar to offer their services. They would witness horror, as the legion marched almost unopposed to My. Hyjal, leaving everything in their wake in smoking ruin.

Not all of the demonic forces would stay with the massive army marching with Archimonde to Mt. Hyjal however, as numerous demonic bastions formed throughout Ashenvale, Felwood, and even Winterspring. Lurienna and Venne's detatchment was one responsible for dealing with one such Demonic outpost at the Fire Scar Shrine. The battle however was a disaster, and Lurienna and Venne, practically the only survivors of the 200 soldier force they belonged to, fled straight for their home on the Zoram Strand.

Unfortunately however, the pair were followed by multiple demons that chased them through Ashenvale. By the time they had reached their home it only then dawned on them that they had walked into a trap: their backs to the sea with the entire family facing a host of demons. Luci and Sulrien drew weapons and prepared to defend their home with their two children. Though not considered a 'great warrior', Luci had trained herself in numerous fighting techniques as well as posessing excellent agility. Even if the situation appeared nearly hopeless, they would not be overcome easily. They slaughtered most of the demons, but in the midst of the fight both Lurienna and Venne fell, mangled by Felhunters. In time though, the dust settled, and all that remained were Luci and Sulrien, standing face-to-face with a squad of Felguards.

Sulrien then urged Luci to escape and take the boat to the sea, but as she was running to the boat, Sulrien was slain by the Felguard Captain, the leader of this Demonic force. Luci quickly realized that though the other demons had been slain, the Captain was already hunting for her, and soon found her on the shore trying to make the boat ready for sail. Luci fought the Felguard in a long battle. In the climax of the battle however, Luci was dazed by the strength of the Felguard's attacks, and she missed a chance to parry one of his strikes, which sliced a deep gash on her right side and back, just above her waist. Feeling victorious, the Felguard moved in for the finishing blow, but at that moment a sentinel party, hearing of the attack at the zoram strand, had arrived to give aid. They shot down the Felguard, and immediately took Luci into her home, who by now had fallen unconscious from her wound.

The AftermathEdit

The Band of Sentinels, under the command of the renowned swordmaster Aerielle Frostlune, carried Luci to Aerielle's home, behind the Shrine of Aessina in Southwestern Ashenvale, far from the reach of any Demonic force. They tended to her wounds, then left her to rest in the home, allowing her to rest at the home when she chose. In time, Aerielle would be slain defending the approaches to the World Tree during the climactic battle of Mt. Hyjal. Her apprentice, Finoria Lifesong, would take her master's place, and took care of Luci while she recovered from her wound.

Luci however, though ultimately healed in body, her mind was in torment. For Luci, her life had been her family, and she had known no other life in her nearly 5,000 years. Slowly but surely, she began training her mind, body, and spirit for a new type of life, one that would ensure that her tradgety would not again occur. Luci had always trained herself in exercises of speed and agility during her long, pleasant years in Ashenvale. Now however, the training became serious, and specifically focused on the use of deception instead of force, mobility instead of strength, and the use of light weapons and poisons over the traditional weapons of war. By the time her extremely rigorous training was over, she had effectively perfected her own style of combat. When put to the test in sparring matches with Sentinels from Astrannar, they were stunned at her abilities, unable to handle the ferocity or speed of her movements. They immediately suggested that she join them in the defense of Ashenvale, now not just against the remnants of the Legion, but also the Horde. Luci declined, then set off on a long journey, to the lands of humanity: The Eastern Kingdoms.

By now, Luci decided that with her new role in life, it was time for her to take on a new name. She began to cover her face with a bandana, and when asked her name, she responded with the word "Ozka". To this day, the origin of the name are unknown. Some believe that the name is a ancient druidic term she had learned from her deceased husband, which meant "The Shadow's Vengeance". In time, due to her use of the words "I shall unleash the shadow's vengeance", the term in effect became an unofficial nickname to this new name, Ozka.

Smuggling, Bloodletting, and The Great Sea CompanyEdit

Many months ago, Ozka arrived in the Eastern Kingdoms. By the time she had arrived in these lands however, she had rapidly gained knowledge of just what her new way of life truly was about. She now spent much of her time in Booty Bay, learning from the pirates that made frequent stops there, and adapting their ways and methods. In time, she began smuggling alcoholic beverages from Booty Bay, along the infamous road to the Elwynn town of Goldshire. In time, she developed allies in this trade, and formed a small company, "The Great Sea Company".

The Company was primarily interested in continuing the smuggling trade between Booty Bay and Goldshire. In time, Goldshire became a bustling center of activity, where people would come from across the world to relax, party, and (to the annoyance of Ozka and her comrades) engage in obscene public activities. The trade however was clamped down upon by the Stormwind Authorities, and the Company turned to trading between Booty Bay and other ports, such as Theramore and Menethil Harbor. Goldshire however would remain a center of activity, both moderate and obscene, and it has not changed since.

One mission however led to a chance discovery that ultimately would lead to tragic violence. While smuggling a shipment of booze to Theramore, Ozka learned of a demonic enclave in the Desolace. Journeying over there, she found an immense demonic stronghold. Emotions held dormant for 5 years awakened, and the sands of desolace were stained red as the maddened fury of a Vengeful Ozka attacked the Demons, and soon anything that was in the area. Even her own comrades fled the scene, afraid that they would be next in this maddened rampage. Though they knew that Ozka was from Ashenvale, they had little idea why her hatred of demons was this extreme. As a result, the bloodletting not only cost the lives of many demons, but also of much of the Centaur and Satyr population of Desolace. At this point, the other members of her company began to openly question her sanity, nervous that their friendly director had turned into a bloodthirsty killer.

Facing a new situation, Ozka decided to leave the company, so that it would not be tainted with her blood-maddened excursions, which were starting to become frequent events, across the world. Unfortunately, she had been the heart and soul of the trade, and the company along with the profitable booze trade largely dissapeared with her departure. Ozka walked away from the trade fabulously wealthy, though she did not seem to buy anything with that wealth.

Soon after this incident, Ozka was arrested and thrown in the Stormwind Stockades. She had apparently been seen dropping bags into numerous mailboxes across Stormwind City which contained the remains of (at that point) an unidentifiable Night Elf male. She was being charged for the murder, as well as numerous other unexplained murders that had recently occured in Stormwind. It is still not known why she committed these murders, but it is believed that her bloodlust had now begun to affect people in Stormwind when she was far from centers of demonic or orcish power.

It was at this point that Ozka was given a choice aobut the future. Knowing full well of her superb abilities in Assassination and Murder, as demonstrated by the corpses in Stormwind as well as numerous other incidents, they gave her the choice of either imprisonment in the Stockades or to serve the Alliance as an Assassin against the Horde. Not wishing the languish in the notorious Stormwind Stockade, Ozka took up the offer and donned the wear of an Assassin of the Alliance.

Ozka: Commander of the AllianceEdit

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Enlisting under the Alliance, however involuntary it was, ultimately proved to mark a turning point in Ozka's life. She witnessed the savage battles in Ashenvale, Alterac, and Arathi, and in time lost her taste for random murder. Her skills as an assassin allowed her to perform spectacular assassinations against numerous Horde generals and officers. She rapidly became renown for her abilities, and began to rapidly advance through the ranks of the Alliance. In time, she would be made a Commander, and she was crafted a set of purple-tinted leather armor, which she chose as her wear wherever she went.

Unfortunately though, even if the top commanders of the alliance saw her as a 'wonder' and 'The Alliance's Garona', she was beginning to become dissaffeccted with numerous Commanders who fought alongside her, specfically those who wielded the powers of Demons. When she clashed with them, sometimes verbally, sometimes with weapons, she rapidly began to lose her support amongst many within the Alliance. It was at this moment that, just short of a promotion to becoming a 'Marshal of the Alliance', Ozka decided to retire from military life. She retired well-known, as one of -if not the best - assassin the Alliance had known in the years following Mt. Hyjal. Despite that her retirement had been because of political squabbles with other Alliance leaders, she remained - and remains today - a great friend of the Allaince High Command, and still is on occassion called to perform special missions that others cannot handle.

Dissapearence, and the Present DayEdit

Shortly after her retirement however, Ozka suddenly dissapeared from the Streets of Stormwind and the halls of Ironforge. Her dissapearence lasted for two long months, but then she began reappearing, though on rare occassion, on the streets of Stormwind.

She now appears to be an assassin-for-hire, willing to conduct assassination jobs for those who find them neccesary. Traditionally, he would ask for a small fee for such work, since both her method in assassination was, by then so sharpened against the best of guarded Horde Commanders, nearly infallable against the 'predators' of Stormwind. However, in recent days Ozka reunited with Finoria Lifesong, the one who had taken care of Ozka when recovering from her brutal wound made in Ashenvale 6 years ago. Pleased at the reunification, Ozka offered to aid Finoria in any capacity, so Finoria is able to ask for Ozka's services without charge due to the debt owed by Ozka to Finoria.

In recent days, Ozka has been making more and more frequent appearences in Stormwind City. Though unconfirmed, it is believed that she is now under the employ of those affiliated with the The Westbrook Light Brigade, but appears willing to take jobs from anyone willing to pay her fees so long as they are of good moral character. She remains the perfect assassin, all the more so because the Stormwind Guard, both fearful and respectful of the former Commander, allow her to conduct her activities, knowing that although Ozka might be mentally unstable, they believe that she still does understand when murder is right or wrong, and even see her as an ally against the evil elements in Stormwind City.

Contacting the assassin herself is difficult, but it is known that if a letter is sent to "Ozka", the Stormwind Guard knows where to take it. More often than not however, she can be seen walking around the Park District of Stormwind, though she seems to make a small 'hideout' within the Cathedral District, though the exact location of that 'home' is unknown.

(Written by Finoria Lifesong, AKA "Ozka" Lucielle Shadowstorm, Thorium Brotherhood.)

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