This is the journal of Petior Vishovski

June 14
Dear Mr. Book,
I shure hope no one finds what I'm going to tell you. Tuday I woke up earlyer than ever and snuck owt of the howse. After my konver talking to Astarin the other nite, she made me want to go owt and be a strong fiter like my Grampapa.

I went to Goldshire and a gard there told me he needed help and would hire my sord. I askt him why he wanted to hire only my sord when it wood be wurthless with owt me. The gard mumbled something about 'stoopid kids', but the prettyest butterfly flyed past me and I didn't heer the rest of what he sed. Well eventually he hired me, not my sord, silly gards. Then he told me to ask around town to see if anyone else needed my help. I went in the inn, in the inn, in inn, nnnnnnnn. Heh, anyhoo, one guy wanted candles and another wanted gold dust. They both told me that I had to kill the micey guys in the cave.

Off to the cave I went! I tryed my hardest to keep a meen face, a war face like my Grampapa had, but it was raining and it smelled good. So I walkt down the hill to the cave and found a hole bunch of micey guys running around. They weren't as nice as the ones by the church. They ran at me and wanted to kill me the second they saw me. I killt bunches of them and found lots of gold dust lying around, but didn't find any candles. Shure, there were candles on top of there heds, but why wood someone want to steal another person's hat.

I went back to Goldshire and talked to the first gard, giving him a map I drew of the cave. It had me dancing with a micey guy in the corner. He told me to go talk to some other gard, and didn't sound too nice about it. I went in the inn nnnnnnnnnn and talkt to the guy who wanted the candles. I say I sed 'Why do you want to take someone else's hat?'. He sed 'Becuz they are worth lots of moneys in Stormwind'. I sed back 'That's still steeling tho, it's wrong'. He sed 'I don't care, they're stoopid vermin with candles on there heds, candles that I can sell for moneys'. I punched him in the hed and walkt out of the nnnnnnnnn.

It wuz a long day, I'll tell you more tomorow.

June 13
Mr. Book Sir,
Mrs. Maclure started to teech me how to write in my book reel good. She also is teeching me speshal lessons in speeking. She says she can git rid of my stutter.

I met two new frends tonite, an Elf, Lasch and Astarin the Warlock. There was a Night Elf named Aindre and another girl there too, but they won't be my frends. They was very rude to me and my frends and was obcesed with wanted to kill a Horde. Later Astarin espl told me what a Horde was, I still don't get why he wood kill one just becuz of there appere looks.

Lasch is a tall skinny guy. He has funny looking eyebrows too, there reely long. Even longer than Mr. Wally's from back home. He was very nice and fun, exsept when Astarin started to show me her demons. I think the suckubis girl demon made him scared.

Astarin has to be the nicest person I've met so far. We talked for a long time. She told me about her parents, and I told her about mine. She has lived a sad life, I feel sorry for her. But, she did smile a few times, which is good. She even gave me a neet new shirt. I wood show it off around the farm tomorow, but I don't want to get it durty.

It is way past my bedtime. Good nite Mr. Book.

Joon 8
Hello agin Mr. Book,
Wen I wuz done with my chores at the farm tuday, the Maclures told me that I cud go wander arownd the forest. I fownd a church that wuz pritty well garded. I walkt inside and a gard sed that I need to talk to anothur gard. I talkt to him and he told me to go kill som cob kohb micey guys, they wur durty and bad. He gave me a sord and a sheeld and sent me away.

I walkt arownd the church looking for the micey guys, but it was awful crowded. You wood think that with so many peeple killin the micey guys, they wood be gone by now. And if they are so dangerus why did I only hafta kill only 10? I wooda killt this many!

I went back to the gard and he told me to kill 10 more micey guys, but the bloo shirt wunz. Why didnt he tell me to kill the 10 when I wuz owt killin the furst 10? So I go to the back of the church and kill 10 more micey guys in bloo shirts. If this iz wut being an adveturer iz, I may stick to the farm.

I go back to the gard and tell him I killt 10 bloo shirt micey guys. He told me to go kill 10 yeller shirt micey guys. I told him that I'm tard of killin micey guys, so he told me to go talk to the furst gard. I go talk to him and he sed that he wants some banadanas from the bad guys across the rivir. I askt him why I hafta kill them, he told me that they wur steelin from the church.

Now I'm not a very ril reel Godly man, but you dont steel from a church. I run to the rivir and see a bandid standin there, lookin arownd. I run at hem with my big sord and sheeld and he only had a little dagir. It wuz so much fun to take the banadana off hiz hed and take his purs. I'll give that monies back to the church.

After I killt the bandids and got the banadanas I decided to go to town agin. Sadly there wuz no one at the bar so I came back to the farm.

Rite you soon Mr. Book

Joon 7
Hello Mr. Book,
The Maclures bawt me this book to rite things in. They said they think it iz intristing I never left Kul'Tiras befor. I cin not rite good, so bear with me. One day I hop to be tawt to rite good but I do not no wen. I'm gunna call you Mr. Book, becuz its like I'm riting you a leter.

Tuday was esci exc fun. I wint into Stormwind today for the first time and walkt arownd. There wurnt many peeple becuz it wuz late, but they lookt fancy. Some had lots of armer on riding horsies and the bigest kittys I ever seen. I stopt and askt a gard wat wuz fun to do, and he sed to go to the Wisps and Spirits.

I fownd the bar in The Park, that playce is pritty. There wur lots of peeple on the baloconnie up stares. They lookt like they wur bizy so I sat down stares alone. I saw a few elfs and peeple like me, but what flord me wuz when a nome walkt in the door and askt to sit with me. I never seen a nome befor, they ar very tiney or as she sed, we ar just rilly big.

I talkt to the nome for a wile befor I got sleepy and walkt bak home. Now I'm heer in my bed riting away. I hop tomoro iz as fun as today.

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