Basic StatisticsEdit


Pachama Bonehide

Name: Pachama Bonehide

Race: Tauren

Class: Druid

Professions: Leatherworking and Skinning

Affiliations: Tribe of the Rainwalker

Age: 58 years old

Mane: Dark Brown

Eyes: Green

Hide: White

Horns: White


Pure white save for his rich brown mane, Pachama towers (as Tauren often do) at a solid eight feet in height. His calm green eyes are framed by a pair of wickedly curving horns that boast a few superficial cracks and an embossment of flowing, esoteric script. A large, glimmering gold torc adorns his large nostrils, piercing his septum and providing a contrast of color against the darkness of his beard. His tail swings calmly from side to side, its brown tuft like a banner in the wind.


Upon initially meeting Pachama, he may seem aloof and quiet, but his nature is not one of gloom and timidity. On the contrary, when one gets to know him he is a warm and life-loving person that cares for those he loves as much as he cares for nature and the Ancestors. The challenge here is earning his trust. He tends to see others as intrinsically selfish and ego-centered based on factors dealing with the state of the world and the nature of individual upbringing. He does not count himself out of this equation, understanding that he too has his selfishness, his egotism. It is through the effort towards balancing the self-serving side with the giving side of one's personality that one finds character, and this is something Pachama strives toward. Seeing this effort in others is what plants the seeds of trust.

Pachama is very spiritual, and has a very close connection to the wild, like all druids do. Because of his great worship of Nature, Pachama often works alone in order to better commune with The Mysteries whilst finishing what tasks he's been given.


Pachama was born on a full moon in Thunder Bluff, Mulgore. His mother Yawon was the only face he ever knew, as his father died before his birth. Yawon was a shaman, and the last of a young tribe who had been slain by centaur long before Pachama's entry into the world.

Pachama grew up alongside his mother and inherited her insatiable hunger for knowledge. From her he learned many things about magic, culture, and his favorite subject: Language. His very first language after Taurahe was determined through a simple process of elimination. His mother set several books before her son, and opened them all to reveal their unique letters. She read a few passages from each, and waited to see which Pachama enjoyed hearing most. Thus, he began studying Eredun, the Demonic language, and after that, Yseran, the language of Druids. Though his scholastic abilities were formidable, Yawon did not keep her son indoors all the time. She also taught him the importance of exercise and health, and he learned how to train his body into a state of beauty and strength. He also learned of his mother's curse... That of loneliness.

Many suitors were attracted to the stately, graceful Yawon, but although the initial courtship was very successful, the relationships always seemed to fall apart far too soon. Every man Yawon found turned their eyes to what was more young, and less opinionated and intelligent. This saddened Pachama, and he prayed to the Ancestors that his mother find the perfect love and break the curse of loneliness that she'd inherited from the past.

A traveler from The Barrens was sent.

Crossing the plains with his mother, on their way to Red Rocks to pay respects, a gang of "dirty pig-men" came upon the pair. Yawon was overwhelmed by their number, having been stunned repeatedly by the stronger of the lot. Pachama struggled to protect his mother, but was too inept to make a real dent in their onslaught. That is when a great horned bear appeared, plowing through the swarm and slaying them three by three. The bear made short work of them, and suddenly transformed into a powerful Tauren druid, a woman named Dehatet. Pachama was inspired.

Yawon and Dehatet fell into a deep love, settling finally in Thousand Needles. It was a love deeper than any Pachama had seen. He admired Dehatet and sought to learn her ways, and she freely taught him the ways of the Druid. It could be said at this point that they all lived happily ever after.

Upon reaching the age of maturity, Pachama decided it was time for him to find his own path. His blood pulsed for the Hunt and for the occult knowledge inherent in Nature. He left his mother and step-mother for the place where all Tauren begin their Sacred Hunt, Camp Narache. It was a long journey, taking many days and nights, but when he finally arrived at the camp, he was greeted so warmly he thought he'd found his home away from home. His story was about to begin.



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