WoWScrnShot 060206 184841 copy2 Name: Panthera
Race: Night_Elf
Class: Druid
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Hobbies: Cooking and Fishing
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: A small, unnamed village in eastern Teldrassil
Affiliation: Ru Gyouten
Status: Active

Appearance: A tall, lithe, silver-skinned elf - with silver hair and eyes to match. Tightly wrapped in glistening leather armor, with trim of black and red, she is a striking figure to behold. Those nearby denote a mysterious demeanor about her, yet she also seems quick to laugh and joke.

My story thus far...

I come from a small, unnamed village at the far eastern edge of Teldrassil; my only remaining family was my brother Parthan - that was until the Lady Asharra asked me to join Ru Gyouten. After both our parents were slain during a Horde raid, my brother and I lived off of the land. My spirit became one with the land and the creatures that roam its varied landscape. While still young, Parthan and I eventually ventured to Darnassus, where Lady Asharra approached me outside the druid enclave and asked if I might not want to be part of a family again! While still young and inexperienced in the ways of these things, I agreed - and have never regretted this decision; even through trials and tribulations, battles, death, and pain. You must understand that my path is to heal the hurts of Ru Gyouten and the Alliance it stands behind, no matter the cost. I do hope that my loyalty and dedication will someday be noticed and I dream of promotion into the Council of the Dawn. Someday, I hope...someday!

While there has been pain, there has also been healing, laughter, friendship, loyalty, and much adventure - and I can often be seen just running through the wilds as a silver-haired elf...or a spotted cat!

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