Pape stand


Race: Night Elf
Age: 357
Birthplace: Notherrn Ashenvale
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining 315, Enchanting 285
Affiliations: Alliance; Gold Dragon Member of Dragon Lair

Appearance: A fairly professional looking soldier, though bearing no marks of rank and his hair is a little unkempt. His hair is long but brushed back out of his face, his beard is trimmed close, and like his hair his skin is also reasonablly fair. He walks with drilled precision as if years had impresed that upon him, and his weapons and armour are impecaby neat and clean.

Can often be seen with a black cat trailing along with him.


Pape fight

Papewaio, or Slivner to his friends, likes to joke about as much as the next guy, but don't toy about with him when he's serious about something. It's either his way or the highway when it comes to combat. Throughly dedicated to his people, and will fight - to the death - if needs be to save them. Not one to be considered selfish he'll genuinly offer to help people, either that be with items or assistance. He is also brutally honest, so don't ask him something you may not want to hear the answer of, because you won't like it. Also Papewaio takes only his own side, and cannot be brought or convinced otherwise. If helping you seemed the best and right thing to Pape, he'll be doing exactly that. But if you derserved punishment, don't expect any leigh-way either.



Pape neel

As a child Papewaio grew up in Northern Ashenvale, as a child he studdied to be a healer, not a warrior as he has become. As far as childhood's went with Papewaio it was fairly un-eventful until the last four years occured.

The Scourge invaded his home, killed many of his people including most of his family. His parents died trying to protect their son, which they technically did, though the only reason he lived at all was because they left a small number of them for dead. Pape survived, bloody and with tears in his eyes found his way to an Elven refuge where he rested until he was again well. He vowed there and then that his parents deaths will not be in vein.

Perhaps a little to serious a wish for someone so young, the death of those who caused his parents death. But it was with this intent that Pape joined the Alliance in it's fight against the leigions of the Horde.

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