Parfait SugarspringEdit

Race: Gnome
Age: 57
Birthplace: Gnomeregan
Class: Warlock, though in constant public denial.
Professions: Tailor and Enchantress.
Affiliations: Generally keeps to herself...


A bit taller than average for a Gnome, Parfait seems like she's trying a little too hard to blend into the crowd. She wears robes that are kept in a disturbing state of both cleanliness and repair, seeming to glimmer with a slight magical energy. The same faint glow can be seen on most objects on her person, bearing the hallmarks of various weak enchantments and alterations. Her hair shows little of the same attention -- it's a deep, coppery brown with a neat enough part, but left to its own devices, flying about and seeming unable to lay flat. Her eyes are startling green and seem to bristle with equal parts curiosity and malicious intent, seeming out-of-place among her rather childish features.


Parfait is more than a little strange. She is very devoted to the practice of Warlockery and other dark, frowned-upon magicks. However, in public she openly denies practicing them, despite any and all evidence to the contrary. She is quiet and secretive. Rumors and gossip are of great interest to her, and she desires nothing more than to know every little thing going on, trying to discover any ways in which she can interfere (subtlely, of course); as such, she can often be seen around the streets of Stormwind, listening in on others' conversations from whatever vantage point she can get away with.

In conversations, Parfait is reserved, introspective, observant, almost quiet -- unless she feels her time is being wasted. Often preoccupied with her own thoughts, Parfait cannot abide by obnoxious or stupid (which, by her standards, is most) people, and will often respond with a quick insult. She has much difficulty keeping her temper in check, as evidenced by the damaged condition of Quzrot, her Imp minion; one of her favorite stress-relievers is Imp-kicking. She keeps track of every subtle insult, every little tic... anything that can reveal the kind of person she's dealing with. If she feels offended, she often seriously plots revenge in her head, and will stop at almost nothing to get it if it's her aim. She can be quite ruthless in her methods...


Parfait cute

Born to the Sugarspring family, a rather infamous line of Warlocks and other frowned-upon magic practitioners, Parfait had a rather isolated childhood. Despite the treatment she recieved from other young Gnomes and even adults, her family was rather well-off, and she got through her younger years in relative happiness. She took to the art of the Warlock with a fascinating hunger, absorbing strange Demonic texts and complex rituals with relative ease. She was rarely seen without her nose in some textbook.

Parfait had little interest in the summoning of Demons, preferring instead to focus on the Destrictive family of magic. Perhaps if she had studied on it harder, she would have been able to save her family -- in the attack on Gnomeregan, she stayed hidden in the shadows, stumbling over the ridiculous incantation to summon an Imp, unable to do anything as the Troggs overcame her family. Somehow she managed to escape before the city was flooded with radioactive waste, though she could never forgive herself for her cowardice against the Troggs, and swore revenge on the horrible creatures. She also redoubled her efforts, finally learning to summon a proper demon, though she still favoured Destructive skills.

Resenting her own people for sacrificing their hometown so quickly and the Dwarves for their charity, which she felt she didn't need, Parfait packed up what little she owned and moved herself to the nearby city of Stormwind. She felt out of place among Humans, but it was something she'd lived with all her life, so it was little different. She continued to dedicate herself to her studies, rarely showing her face outside of the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb but for what she called 'applied training'.

Recent EventsEdit

Finally feeling herself worthy enough, Parfait has finally resurfaced, ready to make war on the Troggs and any who get in her way. She wanders the Western Kingdoms listlessly, working her skills up to scratch, and contemplating ridiculous techniques with which to reclaim Gnomeregan. Still feeling little love for the Dwarves and her own people, she avoids Ironforge like the plague.

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