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Crouching down in the woods of Ashenvale, Aerdrienya took the book out and placed it on her lap. Her fingers wandered over the rough dark leather and along its uneven edges. Her gaze on the large silver emblem fastened to its face. A skull with a wide slightly bent feather on it's crown, flanked by two small glowing circles. Inside most of the words were just unreadable squiggles written with a fluid, almost hypnotic, rhythm.

Throughout every few pages were diagrams and maps. Of what, she didn't know. The maps didn't seem to be of any land formations that she recognized. The diagrams were mostly just geometrical shapes with the occasional arrow pointing at more tiny cryptic writing, which although just as strange as the other text, it was clearly different, having a boxy, solid feel.

There was other writing too. Notes off in the margins, only for the first dozen pages or so, but these words she did recognize.

It made her think of that day and she winced a little just like she always did.

* * *


“Aerdri... listen to me.”

“I have to go... I have to go away for a while but Uncle Zeir will be here to look after you. I will be back soon, but I want you to promise you'll behave and keep to your studies”, her father, put his hand on her head and tousled her hair a bit, “I know adventures are exciting and around here there aren't many your age to play with but please refrain from wandering off,” he smiled warmly as only a loving parent could.

“As soon as I get back, I promise you that I'll take you into town to see some of your friends and perhaps we can even hike up the mountain together to see the World Tree. Just the two of us. We can camp out for the evening and count stars together.... alright?”

Without waiting for her to respond he grabbed his bags, messed her hair once more without looking and proceeded to the door.

She went to the nearest window and climbed up onto the chest beneath it. Outside she saw her father and her uncle talking. Her uncle nodded a few times and then they grasped each others forearms the way comrades often do in greeting or as a farewell. Her father then put his other hand on Zeirrandir's shoulder and handed him a leather bound book. He mouthed a final sentence and Zeirrandir nodded again.

With that her father adjusted his bags and turned to the road. As her uncle headed back to the house she only watched in silence as her father gradually made his way down the path, his long silver hair sparkling beneath the light of Elune, and faded from sight around the bend.

“Ok father, I'll try my best.” she whispered.

* * *

Aerdri stared at her self in the mirror and swung her head back and forth noticing how light and airy her head now felt. Littering the floor around her feet were many locks of emerald hair. Forcing a pathetic smile she moved over to her desk and began to write.

Dearest Uncle,

It pains me deeply to have to write this. I know this was not the best time and I should have told you before. Perhaps years ago, but I have only now mustered the courage to actually do something. I know where I'm going, but for now I just need to get away. Please know that I will be safe and will write to you from time to time. You have always been there when I just needed someone to listen, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sorry for holding you back in life and I am sorry if I have disappointed you.

You will always be in my thoughts.

Love, Your Little Spark,


Her eyes skimmed over the words once then she added at the bottom.

I have the book and the ring. Other than you, they're all that I have left now.

She folded the letter and sealed it with a bit of blue wax. It wasn't a very attractive looking letter but then again neither were it's contents.

Walking over the hair pile on the floor she picked up her pack and walking staff near the door. After taking one final look at the room she placed the letter upon the new ivory and silver robes at the foot of her bed and wiped away a tear.

“Forgive me.” she whispered before touching the glowing crystal on the night stand, leaving the room in darkness.

* * *

Her eyes wandered over the bits of familiar script again. Yes, these words she knew, not only because they were in her own language but because they were written by her father.

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