Description Edit

Name: Pegwedge von Picklewrench
AKA: Peg, Peggles
Race: Gnome
Age: 36
Class: Rogue
Professions: Miner/Engineer
Hobbies: Tinkering, pickpocketing, sneaking, eavesdropping, blushing, giggling, buttons, never being caught
Appearance: Pegwedge's face is always neat and clean, but her clothing and gear are in a constant state of disarray. The hilts of knives poke out of every edge of her clothing, her boots, her sleeves, her collar. She has multiple pockets and all of them are bulging with gadgets and gizmos, wrenches, nuts, bolts, spanners, and cables. She often even has bits of metal of unknown use tucked behind her ears or attached to a strap of a pair of goggles.

Pegwedge's expression is one of large-eyed sweet innocence, often in contradiction to her actions, but anyone with a soft heart for the adorable would be hard pressed to find fault with her.

Personality Edit

Pegwedge is a deceptive sort of gnome and this comes naturally to her after many decades of practice.

To an outside observer, Peg is a sweet and happy character, but strangely quiet. She is often seen smiling, laughing, whistling and singing, but she only speaks when she needs to and she certainly never yells. She isn't all that shy, as she will certainly go up to others deep in conversation and watch them closely and smile and laugh at their jokes, but she just doesn't contribute much. When she is upset, she rarely cries. She does, however, stop smiling.

Peg is also something of a troublemaker. She has learned to use her natural sweetness to help extricate herself and her sisters from many an unfortunate conundrum. She certainly has no qualms about slipping a blade between the ribs of an enemy. Those who only know her sweet, giggly persona may be shocked at the level of violence of which this gnome is capable.

Peg relies heavily on her sisters Pip and Odalisque. For all of Pip's difficulty in interpreting social interaction, Peg's quiet manner never seems to pose a problem. The simple acceptance of an offer of conjured muffin will always reassure the two sisters that everything is all right. And to Peg, Odalisque is the sister with sense. Where Peg would always first attempt to be cute and blink her big eyes and blush and giggle to get out of a situation, Odalisque is the one who knows when it's time to stab and run.

Background Edit

((Under construction))

Recent Times Edit

Pegwedge currently lives just outside of TinkerTown in Ironforge. She mostly spends her time stabbing Horde for cash or making mad dashes into Gnomeregan to bring supplies to the Clean Zone (cue ulterior motives).

((More someday.))

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