The dark-clad Acolytes raised their heads, and each pulled out a small, dark iron dagger; with one swift motion, each slashed their wrist. In an unholy way, the blood flowed down to the center of the dungeon, encircling the podium. A dark purple flame rose up from the crimson pool, and Penity raised her head. Her glowing green eyes pierced the dark shroud covering them all, glinting with a force that only a demon could possess."Rejoice!" Called the only Acolyte in flowing, black robes with crimson trimming. His voice bounced off the walls, giving his tone an ominous echo. "Our dark mistress, Penity Winterfall, has returned to us!"


Name: Penity has two names; Penity Winterfall, and Lokke Mistrunner.

Age: Penity stopped aging upon her addiction of demonic magic; she was exactly 130 on that day. Lokke stopping aging to, though much longer ago. Chronologicaly, he's centuries older than most he knows; Biologicly, however, he is only around 26.

Homeland: Silvermoon city; Lokke was born in Mulgore.

Home: Still Silvermoon!

Profession: Though Penity has skills in dark magic and archery, while Lokke focuses on Archer and natural magic, since their merging the two have been forced to abandon their forte's in favor of the path of a Blood Knight.

Forte:Penity focuses on making people suf-Er, Retribution.

Affiliations:Penity has several alliances, mostly from Lokke. She is currently allied with Artrieg, though she mostly wishes to use him. She also is on...less favorable terms with the Warlock, Rhemmii, and the Blood Kinght, Reiyn.

Lokke, however, has several allies. He is close friends with the Girnek, Elegance, Diirjih, Arete, and Lucrothe. He was is also a former member of The Harbingers of War, and the Dreamwalkers.

Though via Penity, he is still in Dreamwalkers.

Appearance: Penity's most notable feature would be the two marks on her left, and right, hand. On her left hand is a star within a circle, the sign of the demonic lord she serves (His name is unknown.). Her right, however, carries an emerald green crescent moon, a symbol of the Dreamer. Though she and Lokke don't agree on much, they both seem to keep quiet on why they are there.

Dressed in red mail, Penity wears the outfit of an average Blood Knight. At her side is always her trusted sword, The Dreamer. Though the sword was once a powerful tool forged from what is said to be a scale of Ysera herself, Penity corrupted it, giving it a fiery glow. Her red hair is drawn back neatly, with strands of hair tied around the piercings in her ears.

-Two souls for one-Edit

Penity consists of two beings; the Blood Elven cultist, Penity Nightfall, and the Tauren Druid, Lokke Mistrunner. The two are always at war with one another, striving for control. Though Lokke has the upper hand, and is in control most of the time, Penity has a few tricks up her sleeves...

Penity Winterfall, The FallenEdit

Penity Winterfall was born some 130 years ago, in the grand halls of the thriving city of Silvermoon. She enjoyed a life envied by most; she was unmatched with her skill in the bow, her beauty was unparralled, and her achivements for Silvermoon were incrediable.

From an early age, she showed skill with a bow that amazed even the Ranger General, Sylvanas Windrunner. Impressed with the young girl, the future banshee took her under her wing, and taught her personally the finner points of the Ranger.

Along with Sylvanas, Penity was there the day Arthas wrecked havoc upon Qual'thalas. She sent Penity, along with other elves, to warn of his coming.

Of course, they failed, and Arthas killed any elf daft enough to stay in his way- which, Penity was not. Stricken by fear at the sight of the horrendous undead, she had discovered one of her few fears in life. Though she tried to fight the Scourge, she couldn't. She could hardly string an arrow with the walking cadvors near her. She fled Qual'thalas that day, never looking back.

When the Sunwell was defiled by Arthas, she nearly went insane. Only the prmoising aura of demons appeased her; and when the Sin'dorei swore allegiance to Illadin, she dropped her archer lifestyle, in favor of a more...darker avenue.

Quickly becoming profecint in demonic energy, Penity founded a cult; A cult she named Bal'nar, the Thallasian word for 'Dark ones'.

However, she dabbled a bit to far in the affairs of demons- before she knew it, the very demons she had once loyal served turned on her, and taken her soul for her own, leaving her body empty.

Though her Acolytes succeded in bringer her back via a dark ritual, they brought back more than their Dark Mistress- they also brought back the Tauren Druid, Lokke Mistrunner, back from the End of Time.

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