Pera Liata Hyl Koureln
Game Information
Race Human
Class Paladin(formerly mage, briefly rogue, originally warrior)
Guild None(formerly The Scarlet Knights)
Professions Blacksmith
Vital Statistics
Height 5' 8"
Weight 130lbs
Build Toned and athletic
Hair Soft, blonde, shoulder length
Eyes Cornflower blue(tend to shimmer in good lighting)
Personal Information
Age 21(born May 8th)
Birthplace Silverlaine Keep, Silverpine Forest, Lordaeron
Marital Status Single, never married
Pets Previously several, all given to orphans
Family All deceased


Pera is almost always ready with a smile, warm and understanding. Her shimmering blue eyes are full of mirth and good humour, when she hasn't been drinking too much, and her soft blonde hair is almost always in a stylish but practical bun.

She has the toned, athletic body of a warrior, although she has only a few, faint scars that speak of her experiences on the fields of battle. Her hands bear the telltale calluses of a practiced sword-wielder, and she carries herself taut and ready for action.

Pera now wears dresses and robes a lot more than she used to, having grown comfortable in them. She is, of course, a seasoned warrior, despite her youth and demeanour, and she dresses like one when occasion demands it.


Despite everything she has been through, all the shifts and changes, all the deaths and betrayals, Pera tries very hard to be as kind and caring a person as she can. She is good-humoured and generous, though she does try not to be conned by the less scrupulous. Friendly to all races of the Alliance, even most Horde races earn her affection. The glaring exception is Forsaken, who honestly terrify her, though she tries very hard not to let that show.

Pera also has a weakness for drink, in that once she starts she has trouble stopping, and she doesn't hold it very well at all. When drunk she often becomes teary and regretful, verbally punishing herself for perceived faults.



21 years ago- Pera born in Shadowfang Keep. Her mother is Penrika Siana, third daughter of Sir Gauldis Siana, a landless knight who served the lord of the keep, Baron Silverlaine. Her father is a sergeant who reports to Sir Gauldis, Broni Koureln, named after a dwarvish warrior who saved his own father, who also served under Sir Gauldis many years ago, when fighting trolls.

The Second War begins, and Lordaeron commits its’ vast might to defeating the savage orcish Horde under the banner of the Alliance. Broni joins the military, fighting with distinction in several key battles. Sir Gauldis fights in the siege on Blackrock Spire and recieves a serious spinal injury. Penrika and Pera are sent to the capital, which has become crowded with refugees.

The Second War ends. Broni rejoins his family in Lordaeron. Sir Gauldis convalesces in Southshore.

18 years ago- Sir Gauldis retires, at the age of 59. He moves to the northern countryside, in what is now the Plaguelands. Broni decides the rest of the family should follow, and he goes into the service of a local lord as a bandit hunter. Penrika begins Pera’s education, while local bullies “educate” her in brawling.

17 years ago- Funeral for Sir Gauldis.

16 years ago- Broni, commanded by royal edict to rejoin the military, is assigned to an orcish internment camp in the Arathi Highlands(one of a few in the area of what is now of Hammerfall). Penrika, unable to deal with facing the brutes that slaughtered her father on a daily basis, decides to live in Ambermill in Silverpine. Pera lives with either at different times of the year. In the camp, she learns the rudiments of swordplay and tending to wounds from her father, and compassion from visiting the orcish children held there. In Ambermill she learns to cook and manners from her mother, while a friendly mage from Dalaran, Narsos, living in the village teaches her to fish as well as many fabulous tale of magic and wonder.

For some reason Penrika never explains, Pera is not allowed to visit her birthplace, despite the proximity.

12 years ago- During a week spent in the capital with her mother, Pera has a brief encounter with Prince Arthas. They get into a scuffle after he brushes her aside, causing her to fall into a puddle. Lord Uther appears and pulls the two apart before any real harm can be done. Pera is all the angrier when she finds out just who Arthas is, but swallows her pride under Uther’s glare.

The Third WarEdit

7 years ago- The young orc Warchief Thrall leads his people from slavery. This includes the camp Broni is stationed to. Thrall’s forces vastly outnumber the pitiful numbers of the guards, and with Pera visiting, Broni decides on a risky strategem to ensure her safety. He threatens to burn down the entire camp if Thrall attacks, and offers a deal- Broni would fight any one member of the attacking force, no quarter given or taken. Should Broni win, the orcs would allow the humans there to leave unharmed. Should he lose, the battle would commence as it would have otherwise. Thrall accepts the terms, and fights Broni himself. The battle is a close one, both combabants nearly victorious several times, but ultimately it is Thrall who wins. Thrall goes back on his word, however, and offers the humans the terms that were agreed on for if Broni had won. He also commands that Broni be buried with honor befitting a hero.

Pera witnesses the whole episode, leading to misdirected explosions of anger against anyone and anything in Brill, where her mother had now decided to live.

6 years ago- The rise of the Scourge.

The Plague hits Brill and most of the inhabitants are turned into the living dead. Ostracised because of Pera’s behaviour, mother and daughter are kept safe from infection, however they are not safe from the predations of their neighbours. In a show of dazzling swordplay, Penrika fends off the undead to allow Pera to escape. Although she does not witness her mother’s demise, she does hear her blood-curdling death scream. Surviving on what she can forage, Pera wanders aimlessly for several days until she reaches the outskirts of Southshore, on the verge of collapse from exposure.

After a month of recuperation, Pera, with other refugees, is sent on the long journey to Stormwind. She is sent to the orphanage there, where she remains silent about her ordeal, or anything else for several months.

5 years ago- Pera starts to talk again, a couple of months before turning 16. Following her birthday she is told she cannot stay at the orphanage any longer. After searching high and low for work, she eventually decides to work at the orphanage and stays there after all, seeing how understaffed it is.

4 years ago- The orphanage becomes less crowded as children slowly start finding homes faster than they arrive at the orphanage. Pera finds new employment as a blacksmith’s apprentice. Lifting a sword again stirs painful memories, which resolves Pera to embrace it in order to overcome it.

Finding a PlaceEdit

2 years ago- Her apprenticeship incomplete, Pera applies for military service. Although she more than qualifies with regard to the physical requirements, they don’t allow her in unless she rejects her former nationality. As willing as she is to pledge allegiance to Stormwind, she refuses to reject her past.

A few months later, Pera travels to Northshire Abbey, having heard of the troubles they are having, and wanting to do what she can.

After whetting her skills as a warrior there, she finds friends and allies in The Scarlet Knights, an organisation dedicated to fighting the evils of the world and embracing diversity.

After a time, she abandoned the path of the sword, due to emotional stress, and has taken up the study of arcane magic. She progressed quite rapidly, thanks to a natural aptitude and the subtle instruction she recieved from Narsos.

During this time, she also began to have romantic notions towards Sammuel Larson, the leader of the Scarlet Knights, and he eventually admitted to similar notions directed at her. Unfortunately, with Sammuel busy on Knights' business and Pera preoccupied with study, they found that their relationship was unable to blossom. On the occasions they did spend together, a few were quite stressful for Pera, including one near-death experience as part of the process of Sammuel summoning a Doomguard to "test" some new recruits.

Eventually, Sammuel initiated their break-up, then revealed he had been harboring feelings for another Knight, Cerdwin, a night elven huntress. Pera became withdrawn after this, although she did manage to distract herself by organising a ball in the museum of Ironforge. Still, only a month after the breakup, she disappeared from public view entirely.

Recent DevelopmentsEdit

Pera has occasionally resurfaced, and for a time assumed the identity of a female orc rogue with the power of her magic. Most recently, she has forfeited her arcane prowess, offering that part of her spirit to the powering of Shattrath's defenses. In return, A'dal the naaru who leads that city unlocked the part of her soul that would grant her the powers of a paladin. She appears to have done very little with this power, seemingly content to live in the Exodar, helping the draenei refugees establish their new home and demonstrating Azerothian swordcrafting techniques.

Only time will tell if she shall once more rise to battle.

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