Stats Edit

First Name: Petals
Last Name: None given
Race: Troll (Darkspear?)
Age: Unknown
Profession: Herbalist
Affiliations: None
Alignment: Neutral

Description Edit

Petals is petite for a troll, and often looks awkward in her bulky, mismatched armor. Her tusks give off the impression that she is still growing into them, and one is a bit crooked, in a cute way. Her her light blue skin carries several old scars, including one nasty looking one that peeks out from the back of her right shoulder blade and disappears into her clothing. She has a wild mane of rich, dark blue hair.

Petal's demeanor is paranoid, sometimes even panicked. She is extremely untrusting of strangers, constantly fidgeting and looking over her shoulder. When the situation is dire, however, she can pull herself together to be a fierce fighter, or even a charming criminal.

Background Edit

Her past is shady, and she will rarely divulge much. She calls herself a Darkspear but her short stature and blue skin suggests at least part Frostmane. She has no clan, no family to tell of, and is by all means a drifter. At points in her life she has gotten by picking pockets and stealing food, and its reprecussions left her with both physical and mental scars.

Many are often surprised to learn of her aspiration to be a shaman. She has an innate connection with the earth and struggles to follow the voices of her ancestors as they nudge her towards her future, and give her the only clues she has to her past. However, she has a long way to go before she can ever become the spiritual advisor and protector she dreams of becoming.

Stories Edit

Under Construction

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