Phinn BennertonEdit

Race: Half Elf, Half Human
Age: 27
Birthplace: Stormwind
Class: Rogue
Professions: Skinner/Herbalist
Affiliations: Herself

Appearance: For an Elf Phinn looks very little like one, with none of the facial markings common to them, human-toned skin and shortish ears. She is skinny and lanky, and has her hair pulled back in a functional ponytail. Her clothes are often dusty and in disrepair, and were clearly not selected for their attractiveness. She is often seen smoking a cigar, which she uses to punctuate her phrases.


At one time out for nothing but herself and bitter about the experience of growing up a half-Elf in Stormwind, Phinn has recently been tempered by the tumultuous events she experienced and seems to be taking things one day at a time now. She's quick to grin or joke, cigar in hand, even if those jokes have a tendency to be crude. She speaks in a broad Human type slang, quite unlike the Elf she looks like.



Phinn was born to "Slick" Nick Bennerton, a petty thief and con-man in Stormwind's Old Town District, and his wife Lilyanne. Notably, they were both Human. They were overjoyed to finally have a child after many years of trying, but to everyone's shock, the child was clearly of Elven origins. If Lilyanne had an explanation for this she never got to voice it - she died shortly after childbirth, after asking her husband to take care of the baby and name her Seraphinn. Nick complied and raised young Phinn the best he could, under the circumstances, never breathing a word to anyone that she was clearly not his child. As she grew up Phinn followed at his heels as he worked con jobs and cased houses, and as he spent long nights in the Pig and Whistle tavern. She learned the arts of sneaking, persuasion and spying by his example, and before long she was taking jobs by his side.

While Nick cared for Phinn and tried to do his best, he was clearly not cut out for the job of fatherhood and Phinn more often than not ended up hanging out on the streets of Stormwind as she tried to avoid the attentions of the other men her father associated with, being taunted by the other children for her long ears, glowing eyes and lanky frame. They'd often shove her in the canal for fun, where on occasion she'd get chased by the Sewer Beast. One time, though, when it actually got hold of her leg, one of the other street rats of Stormwind stopped briefly to help her get free by plunging a dagger into its tail, giving her enough time to get free - a young thief in training named Tybilt. She's kept an eye on him since, but her contacts with other men from a young age have left her skittish and with an aura of distaste for matters of love.

Just BusinessEdit

As she got older, Phinn started to specialize in information-gathering and spy jobs, her ability to blend into the shadows with her partially-Elven blood quickly surpassing her father's. She'd still help Nick out with his jobs, though, until one time he got too careless and paid the price for it. Now alone, Phinn had to work twice as hard to make a living and absorbed herself in her work completely. Eventually by word of mouth she came to the attention of one Drundil Spearhewer, a Deep Mountain Dwarf who lived miles under the surface, a vicious and wealthy businessman who needed to track his runaway daughter Saraich. She was fleeing two consecutive bad arranged marriages, and had come to work at the Wisps and Spirits Tavern. Phinn kept a watchful eye on the place for a long time, coming to know the patrons and the locals by stealthy observation. She soon realized that Saraich was falling for Draeg Flamebeard, a bouncer at the tavern, and reported as much back to Drundil, who immediately ordered his excecution. Phinn managed to talk him down to attempting bribery first, but Flamebeard rebuffed Drundil and Phinn's offer and they were back to the drawing board. Phinn arranged for Squig to put out a hit on the Dwarf man, but the job was botched and Saraich was able to revive him. Finally Phinn, with the help of Saraich's mother Consta, managed to talk Drundil into a Plan C...sabotage of a certain tea that Saraich drank daily to prevent children from coming. Plan C was successful and Saraich became pregnant, but what dark plans does Drundil have for his coming heir? And how does Phinn figure in to them?

Rough BusinessEdit

Phinn befriended Cristopher, another Rogue who stealthily watched the Wisps and Spirits for some time. He became more or less the first real friend she ever had, and the two of them had similar, complicated childhoods. She was working more varied jobs like information gathering for Jimbotomy and a complicated job involving revenge, sabotage, assasination and kidnapping for Andrinn that wound up leading to more than "just business," but despite his proclamations of love and proposal of marriage he fell under the spell of the temptress Pook easily enough again, breaking Phinn's heart. She also came to the notice of an Elven Druid known as the Mad Cat, Alucias. He caught sight of her taunting Flamebeard in the streets and hired her on to gather information and help corrupt his organization, Illumination. Over time he grew more protective of her, however, and started sending her out on less and less dangerous jobs. One day while being taunted by Dashis Alucias stood up for her, biting him in the leg until he let her go. And then there was a surprising revalation. When travelling back from the future to save her father from imprisonment in a red crystal dimension, Moiriane Flamebeard referred to Phinn as Alucias's wife to Alucias, saying they'd grown close after Drundil Spearhewer tried to have her killed and Alucias saved her. This made Alucias a lot more uncomfortable, but also gave him the incentive to seek out her company at the Fire Festival, where the two of them watched fireworks and drank together, starting to grow closer.

This process was interrupted, however, by Alucias's sudden disappearance and the combining of his soul with the elven girl Anilu and the spirit of the dread black dragon Nefarian. Phinn tracked the draconic woman Cyndahlia to the ends of the earth to obtain the piece of Alucias's soul that she held, and then brought it to Cromwell to have the three entities separated once and for all.

Death and RebirthEdit

Phinn and Alucias continued a tentative dance of courtship, completely unbeknownst to the oblivious Phinn until he finally impulsively kissed her one night. She continued to work odd information gathering jobs and while she has promised Alucias that she would be cautious, she did not appear to have dropped the Spearhewer assignment entirely. Then someone unexpected appeared, Alucias's former fiancee Andreanna. Phinn, who never had the firmest grip on her sense of self-worth, drowned herself in the Stormwind canals when Andreanna made her presence known, and was held in a state of half-death while she was corrupted by the power corrupting Alucias's power itself, the Burning Legion. Brought back to a strange sort of half-life, she served the Legion and its demonic masters.

Phinn and SeraphinnEdit

In an attempt to get Pook to further corrupt herself by performing the Ritual as much as possible, she was split into two people by Cromwell's evil Ritual, the human Phinn and the elven Seraphinn. This was the last that most anyone saw of her for some time.

For the...Horde?Edit

Phinn has recently resurfaced, disguised as a Blood Elf. Having paid an Orc to teach her Orcish, she is apparently one person again and is presumably looking for more proof of her half-Elven heritage, this time with the former Quel'dorei. Certainly, the fact that the Spearhewers are doubtlessly looking for her to have a word with her about the job she skipped out on might also play a role in her abrupt relocation...

Just Business
Meanwhile Again...
It's About Damn Time

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