Lord Plagos Deathweaver
Game Information
Race Forsaken
Class Warlock
Guild Curse, former Dalaran Mage
Professions Grand Master Gnomish Engineer and Disenchanter
Vital Statistics
Height 5'7" (5'3" when slouched)
Weight 89 lbs. (114 lbs. with robes and staff)
Build Decaying
Hair Green
Eyes None
Personal Information
Alignment Lawful Evil
Age 31 (29 at time of death)
Birthplace Brill
Current Residence Lordaeron
Marital Status Lady Meridith Deathweaver
Pets Zkol'guub - demon

Tyran - snake
Mathras - bat
Ashkorek "The Harmless One" - netherwhelp
Nelkoru "The Fierce" - netherdrake

Additionally, various, nameless carrion insects and grubs.

"Man does not live by murder alone. He needs affection, approval, encouragement and, occasionally, a hearty meal." -Alfred Hitchcock


Long, unkempt and rotted hair frames this Forsaken's face. Plagos' expression (that is, what's left of his facial features) is of sorrow and chilling death. His eyes are vacant of any orb, and as you try and look for any organ within, he almost seems to be staring off right into the void itself. It is uncertain whether he sees you clearly or not.

This dark undead is cloaked in robes of violet, adorned with variously sized skulls, of creatures both humanoid and demonic in origin. He probably placed them himself.

A large cockroach can sometimes be spotted gnawing about on his dead flesh, or crawling from one of his empty eye sockets and into his broken, gaping jaw, which he is forced to lift back into place whenever he wishes to speak.

Plagos can sometimes be heard mumbling or chanting to himself in Demonic sounding dialects.

Life: A Mage's TaskEdit


Pragas Proudweaver

Pragas Proudweaver was born into an influential family of royal tailors for Lordaeron's elite. Raised in Brill, working in the local storefront, Pragas was finally allowed to travel to the magical kingdom of Dalaran and study under the Kirin Tor. There, he spent nearly a decade training in the arcane arts, and loosing almost all contact with his family.

Near the beginning of the third war, Pragas was sent to the High Elven capital of Silvermoon to complete his training under the master-wizard Relfthra.

In one way or another, Pragas completed his task when the Scourge swept through Lordaeron and attacked Quel'Thalas. Pragas made a valiant last stand against Arthas and the Scourge, but finally falling to the dark blade, Frostmourne.

Death: A Scourge AgentEdit


An Agent of the Lich King

Ignoring the mage's potent magical talents, the Lich King employed Pragas' corpse into the lowly ranks of the ghoul. As a mindless killing machine, Pragas helped fulfill Prince Arthas' crusade through Lordaeron, back to his former training grounds in Dalaran.

Despite the best efforts of the Kirin Tor, Arthas and his minions -Pragas included- stormed the city, killing every last human in their path. Included in the onslaught was Archmage Antonidas, who got to look into the dead eyes of his former pupil, Pragas, as he made the last killing swipe across the old Archmage's chest.

Unfortunately, the holy magics in the city were too much for a front line attacker like Pragas. The holy energies ate through the most vital areas of the necromantic corpse, starting with the eyes and finally through other vital organs. He lost most of his arms, which were somehow replaced by other broken corpses amid the scene.

Pragas was finally abandoned by the Scourge in Dalaran, barely dead, and barely alive.

Reawakening: Speaking to DemonsEdit

Upon his second reawakening, now in the Deathknell crypt in Tirisfal, Pragas began to remember the death and carnage his old hands had wrought under the will of the Scourge.

It is then that he slipped into an unending, brooding depression. Pragas stayed in the crypt for countless months and began to focus on all the demons that assailed him. He then began to explore their realm with his mind. Being between death and life allowed him to breach the gap into the Twisting Nether.

Soon, the voice of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner came to him. She told the mage he was now Forsaken, and that she would aid him in conquering his demons.

Following the Dark Lady's lead, Pragas altered his name to that which was humanities ultimate doom, and would bring destruction to all living-kind: The Plague. In the same sense, he became a warlock, and focused his arcane training in the realm of the shadow.

With the power of the Forgotten Shadow at his back, he became Plagos Deathweaver.

Interesting FactsEdit


Executioner Plagos

  • Plagos has no eyes. Without aid, Plagos has limited visibility of light and dark, as well as enchanced vision of demons and the arcane, due to his experiences in communicating with the Void.
  • Plagos wears specially crafted Gnomish goggles to give him overall sight. They are self made, and attuned specifically for his eyes, considering they wedge deep into his sockets.
  • Plagos discarded his tailoring skills early in his undeath to lose the last facet of his former life, and to focus on engineering for the sake of himself and his guild.
  • Plagos is infested by a single carrion beetle that he can't seem to get rid of. It's not really considered a pet, but can be seen crawling about under Plagos' skin or appearing out of a hole in his robes from time to time. Its favorite place to dwell, however, is Plagos' throat.
  • Another animal has recently found a home in Plagos. A crimson snake called Tyranistrasz, given to him by Meridith, has burrowed somewhere near Plagos' lower intestines.
  • Plagos hates demons to his core. That doesn't stop him from occasionally fraternizing with his succubus, Jhorneth.
  • Plagos hates happiness.

Stories & LinksEdit

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