Race: Night Elf
Age: 554
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Druid
Professions: Alchemist/Herbalist
Affiliations: Former mascot of the Wisps and Spirits, a high-ranked official in The Westbrook Light Brigade, first mate of the Plainswind pirate ship in the organization known as Big Booty

Appearance: Pook is slightly shorter than an average Night Elf, and her aqua hair is just a shade lighter. She has single-striped markings on her face, and one ear is slightly misshapen at the tip, as if it has been gnawed over time. Her feet bear the calloused and rough appearance of someone who usually goes without shoes, and she's accumulated many small and large scars over her body. When she fights, she moves with a grace that borders on unnatural...and yet just walking down the street she'll stumble and fall off any tiny ledge.


Pook is very much a creature in transition, still discovering who she really is and finding a new balance between the feral creature she used to be, the alluring easily angered temptress one half of her became and the kindly but painfully shy and curious artist that made up her other half. There is an odd quality to her however...chaos seems to follow her wherever she goes. People are pushed to their extremes, just by her presence. Those that she develops a connection to, few though they are these days, seem to notice themselves stronger, clearer, more driven to meet their potential.

Pook does not feel cold or heat below the point of actual damage, which she is also highly resistant to from these things. When she speaks, she sometimes occasionally draws out her "rrr"s, a leftover quirk from when all she could make were animal-like noises.



Pook was born as Sinae Lightblade to Daltrien and Altea Lightblade, in an unknown place and time. At her best estimation this was approximately 550 years ago. Fleeing unknown forces, her parents took her as a baby through a forest on the mountainous borders between Moonglade and Winterspring in the dead of winter and didn't survive, falling to the blade of an assassin named Shrike, an agent of the Burning Legion, after her mother managed to hide her. There she was found by a Nightsaber of no particular intelligence or ability other than the fact that her cubs also didn't survive the cold. The Saber took her in and sustained her until the self-named Pook (the sound of a pebble being tossed into water) was able to more or less care for herself. She lived with the Saber for a very long time, as Nightsabers, especially ones in such close approximation to the Druidic magics of the Moonglade, are nearly Elvish in their lifespans. She grew up without language, without civilization, without organized thought, dirty and feral, living like an animal. The only oddity was her dreams...dreams of a Castle, a Crypt, a Crow that watched her silently, of Tirisfal Glades before the Plague, of a man who was more than just a man. She didn't think much of this, not having a basis of comparison for what dreams should have been like or the words to describe them.

After a cave-in of their lair in Winterspring she and her mother migrated to the newly-formed Teldrassil, and there they lived for some time until her mother got to be a size that was prized by hunters for the ability to capture and sell Sabers to be used as mounts. After her mother's capture Pook craved companionship, and irrepressably curious about the Elves she saw wandering around and lured by the smell of cooking fish she entered the Tree in Shadowglen. They saw potential in her there, and in no time she was drafted as a Druid, being sent on errands for the people of Teldrassil.


The Wisps and SpiritsEdit

In her travels and exploration, she found herself one day once again lured by the smells of food and the sounds of people. Exhausted, she found a place at the hearth of the Wisps and Spirits tavern, where she was taken under the mother-like wing of Jinx. She was adopted as the tavern's mascot and spent most of her days there, getting into trouble, pilfering fish, avoiding baths, acting in most ways like a beloved pet. And yet while she was adored, she also felt looked down on, resentful that she wasn't included in some way that she couldn't grasp or understand. These feelings of anger and resentment were highlighted by the appearance of Lord Cromwell, who offered her freedom and power. Finally tiring of being pushed aside and condescended to, she accepted his Ritual.

The Westbrook Light BrigadeEdit

Cromwell performed his dark Ritual on Pook, a ritual that separates the essence of a person's soul into two physical halves. A second body is formed, and the primary body keeps all the aspects of their personality that are useful in terms of the will to power - anger, strength, guile. The second body, a duplicate of the first is created, and this body recieves the aspects of personality that are seen to hinder a person's development - kindness, compassion. Pook's double, Prrow, had no ability to speak even the few sounds that Pook used to communicate, rolling "Prrow" and "Rrrow" sounds, and Pook herself was finally granted the ability to speak and think.

Having true sentience thrust upon her so quickly, though, Pook went through an accelerated adolescence, testing her limits. She tore through Stormwind, turning most against her with her techniques of mockery, hostility and seduction in her attempts to win more converts to Lord Cromwell's cause. Two people followed her, however - the Night Elf Erunamo, and the Dwarf Dalin. The first out of a drive to save her, and the second out of a paternal protectiveness driven to insanity by some force within Pook herself, and the mysterious red stone he carried.

Erunamo helped to temper Pook, to start her on the path to recalling the positive parts of herself. But while she cared for him, her eye was on someone else...


Tybilt, Lord Cromwell's unknowing son, was his father's right hand. Pook had watched him for some time, and alone of the tavern's patrons and staff he had never looked down on her, patted her on the head or given her fish. He talked to her simply and directly, like a person. She was fascinated by him, wanting nothing more than to dispel the deep grief she always saw on his face. Confronted by Erunamo about her feelings she finally decided to seek him out, finding him on a cliff in Azshara where she confessed the way she felt. The two have since embarked on a passionate and perhaps dangerous journey together, each regarding the other as the other half of their soul.

The Castle, The Crow and the CryptEdit

For as long as Pook could remember her dreams, they were always the same. Dreams of the Castle with a tower and an attached Crypt, a man who was sometimes a Crow and who was also something more than a man. She didn't realize that her dreams were unusual at all until the Undead man Alleycat drugged her to sleep one night to take out the soldiers in the Garrison and she had the after-effects of normal dreams from the drugs. She came to believe that her dreams represented a destiny that she was meant for but had somehow avoided by being abandoned in the forest by her parents. She felt the weight of history and fate pressing on her, however, and sought out as much information as she could about what she dreamed.

Piecing together information from Vorithius Erunamo and Sarvis, she was able to determine that the man in her dreams was Medivh the Prophet, and the place was Karazhan. As close as she could figure, she was supposed to have played some part in the history of those people and places but had missed her opportunity by living ferally in the forest. Tybilt took her to Karazhan so that she could see that it was just a place and denounce her destiny, which she did.

This proved to be a mistake.

The spirits of Medivh and Sargeras possessed Tybilt to guide Pook to choose between them, between the powers of Darkness and the Light. They took her on a journey through the past, present and future to help her decide, and in the end she chose to make her own path and go her own way, neither in the dark or the light, neither good nor evil.


When Cromwell was usurped from his position as head of the Westbrook Light Brigade by the villainous Guzzler, Pook and the others loyal to Cromwell were put into exile from the organization. She seeks to find out more about the twelve Dark Masters who are behind Cromwell's actions with the Ritual, a process they seek to refine until it grants eternal life and unlimited power. They eventually returned to the Garrison and the Brigade, but there are still the twelve Dark Masters to contend with such as Cyrille and Cynthia, as well as a corrupt Cardinal with the Church who seeks to destroy the Ritual and everyone associated with it.

Pook was captured by Cristopher along with Corvissia to give to Cynthia and Guzzler as a present. Guzzler put a pet-like collar with a jade pendant on Pook with an enchantment that it would kill anyone looking to remove it simply for the purposes of humiliating her. Lofan the mage confirmed that to safely take it off, it would take Guzzler's own blood, which Ellistra vowed to obtain.

Recent TimesEdit


Tybilt started spending more and more time away with his own secret plottings and raiding dungeons, and Pook continued to develop flirtatious friendships with Erunamo Andrinn Jimbotomy and No Grimtotem in his absence which eventually lead her to disaster. Tybilt returned, much darker and more focused than before, and Pook had betrayed him. She discovered she was pregnant when she was dating Jim, and when he turned Death Knight following the Lich King's devotee Sycosina, she followed him into Undeath very briefly. Through her unusual bond with Prrow, her other half, she was able to transfer the unborn child to her although she wasn't sure how she did it and couldn't undo it. After not seeing or speaking with Tybilt at length for many months she finally decided to move on even though her heart still belonged to him, although she tried to avoid being in any kind of committed relationship, preferring the freedom of seeing many people. Despite this she agreed to marry Jimbotomy, and promised her heart and her loyalty to the demon man Aaleyada. Both engagements ended in disaster, the latter of which stole the unborn baby from her and grew him into a demonically imbued child. Re-merging with Prrow into one being she started seeking out ways to be a better person, starting with commiting to only one man at a time. For a while that man was Erunamo, continuing their ongoing pattern of being together for a short time and then driving one another away over and over again, but most recently her heart has been completely captivated and captured, much to both of their surprise, by No, who she recently even more to their surprise got married to. Right now her primary loyalty above anything, however, is to her son Daltrien, returned to the form of a baby as his last act of power, to start over again.

She recently learned that her father was a High Elf, not a Night Elf, and in an effort to learn more about his side of the family she has started traveling the Horde lands under the name she was born with, Sinae Dath'Serrar...not to mention the Horde lands are where she can spend time with her husband No in his natural Tauren appearance.



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