Author: Pook

Pook found herself, as Pook often did, in the middle of a battle. She wasn't quite sure how she'd gotten there. She had been talking to...or, well, rather, a Dwarf had been talking to HER and she'd mostly been blinking at him and trying to puzzle out the sounds he was making...and then suddenly she was in a cave with owls flying around.

She stepped out of the cave and into the biting cold. Snow crunched underfoot. She squinched her face in annoyance at this and felt her body shift into a shape better protected against the chill. Out of the corner of her eye she saw some other people run past her and down a slope into what looked like where people put dead people in the ground. There seemed to be a lot of commotion surrounding the flag in the middle of the area.

Pook was starting to learn about flags. Flags were for some reason very valuable, although she had personally chewed on many of them and they weren't tasty at ALL. Mostly they just tasted like other people's sweat and blood from being grabbed and carried around and torn down and put up all the time.

But then she saw a few of HER people! JinxJinxJinx and the Girl in White and the Short Hairy Man and the Sneaky Long Eared Man and others she recognized from her travels. They were fighting people like the Green Skinned Man that the Girl with the Lion had tamed, the Dead Sneaky Girl, the Dead Man Who Blew Up Things a Lot, The Green Man with a Dress and a Pink Bird and others who she remembered hitting her a lot before. This looked to be another fun game of Chase and Hit!

But the problem was, there were rather a lot of them. After dashing in to attack a few times experimentally and finding herself dead, Pook decided to be more cautious and SNEAK in and attack. This also got her quite dead. She decided to stay back and call up a big sparky cloud over the Other People, and still wound up dead. Changing into her big Bear shape where she didn't get hurt as fast? Dead. Singling out people who didn't seem as strong as her? Dead. Going up against people who seemed stronger? VERY dead. Staying back and using the green sparklies to fix up the people on her side? Still dead. Charging into the tower that the Other People were trying to burn down? Lots dead.

Eventually one of the Loud Shoutey People that seemed to hang around for fights like this yelled that someone won and nobody could move anymore until they left the snowy valley. Pook staggered out in a daze, the ground swimming under her. So many deaths and revivals in such a short amount of time was making her head all spinney. As she finally just laid down on the cold stone floor of Ironforge and tried to collect herself a short man came and clapped her on the back congenially.

"Congratulations thar, lassie! Fer yer service to tha Alliance, we're gonna make yah a Sergeant!"

"Rrrow...?" Pook said woozily, oblivious. And wondering...was there fish in it for her?

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