Author: Pook

(Note: The posting date on this one was April 1st, 2006...)

Pookara Silvermoon gazed at the sky longingly. The hundreds of years wore on her heavily, but she knew she must go on. She must, for Elune, her half-sister, had granted her with the gift of power over the domains of the forest and nature. She could speak to the trees and the animals were her friends...


Now that she had been corrupted by her half-demon lover and was becoming Undead, she was an outcast amongst her kind and her once loved forests. The Dragon blood in her veins cried out at the corruption, but not even her father Arch Druid Staghelm could save her. The cravings for blood were growing too great, and she knew that soon the moon, once her friend and now her enemy would rise, transforming her into a vampire lycanth.

She laid in the bedchamber of her lover Thrall, knowing that their love was forbidden, but she could not resist him. But tonight she had to end it!

"My love," she said in the Orcish that she had mastered, along with every other language. "We cannot continue this. My ex-husband Illidan may soon return, and my human blood recoils at this union!"

Pookara Silvermoon gazed at the sky longingly. It was, once again, her only friend.

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