Author: Pook

When JinxJinxJinx threw down her flappy cloth thing and stormed out of the tavern, Pook knew that things were going bad. Bad bad bad. There was so much fighting and so much noise at her new den lately. The kitten that she had taken in, given to her by the little person out on the street, had been afraid to even come out of the little hollow she'd made for it by the hearth. She cried and called out for JinxJinx but everyone patted her and made soothey sounds...

And then there was a cry from the moonwell.

"JINXJINXJINX!" Pook yelled, and ran as fast as she could. JinxJinx was there, under the water, not moving at all. Without a moment's hesitation Pook dove in headlong and her body changed into its swimming shape. She pushed and pushed at JinxJinx with her nose, tugging and pulling. She changed back to her normal shape and used her hand-twisties to bring her back. Finally she resorted to just screaming and pushing at Jinx until one of the others had to pull her away.

No. NO! It was all happening again! Just like when her Nightsaber mother was netted and taken by those men, and she'd been so cold and alone...this was what came of being around people. THIS was what happened. People never lasted. People were always LEAVING you.

"JIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNXXXXXXXXXX!" She howled into the air, and then tore off as fast as she could.

Her feet didn't stop until she reached a familiar tree, surrounded by familiar rock. Feet driven into the cold by a heart that no longer cared for anything but base survival.

Pook laid her head down in the den where she had been raised and stared blankly at the forests of Teldrassil once again.

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