Pranda Cristing, Knight of the Silver HandEdit

Full Name: Pranda Cristing

Gender: Female

Faction: Alliance

Race: Human

Birthplace: Darkshire

Age: 19

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 183 lbs.

Skin tone: Fair

Hair color: Blonde

Class: Paladin

Professions: Miner/Blacksmith

Guild: Dark Reign

'Affiliations: Knights of the Silver Hand

Description Edit

Physical Appearance

A fair-skinned, blonde woman in her late teens, Pranda would be vaguely attractive if she tried. She's heavily muscled due to both blacksmithing and combat, and is rapidly developing an impressive collection of battle scars.

Pranda often smells like either forge-smoke or freshly-prepared food, depending on what she's been doing lately; the latter is more common than the former, as she genuinely likes to cook.


Pranda often plays off her own fanaticism with sarcasm or self-denigration ("Light willing, etc. etc."); while she's as fervent a believer in the Light as any paladin, she often comes across like she doesn't actually believe in it at all. Instead, she's simply self-aware, and doesn't want to come across as a mindless fanatic. Her experiences in the Scarlet Monastery were enough to show her the dangers of that. When something offends her deeply enough that she abandons the pretense, Pranda turns into a rolling catastrophe, taking on all comers five and six at a time until either whatever offended her is dead or she is.

She rarely smiles or laughs, but enjoys deadpan humor.

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