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Prosperina is only recently undead. She spent the war years instructing children at Northshire Abbey. She was alive to see Forge slay Temerus in the streets of Stormwindand celebrated with her sisters from within the walls of the Cathedral. Her elevation to the priesthood and acceptance into the service of the Order of Lightbringers (the outer face of a secret society of Celestial worshipers) at the age of nineteen was to be her last milestone in life. A mission of mercy led to disaster when she allowed her compassion to be manipulated by a mad gnome alchemist warlock--a gnome bent on reclaiming Gnomeregon for the exiles at all costs! Naively recruited to help the gnome, Prosperina soon became a subject of experiment herself, infected with a carefully culled strain of plague meant to preserve the will of infected while rendering the body's vulnerability to toxins and radiation moot by means of undeath itself. Undead, she was made to serve her warlock master, until the warlock's own master revealed other plans. It seems darker powers had an interest in driving the gnome's research, through the mad whisperings of her impish companion, Gakpep. Research that delved the known limits of thaumaturgy, alchemy, and even priestly lore. Research that might have contributed groundbreaking findings to the study of a unified theory of magic, had the gnome only known what she was on to. Research that might one day show a willing servant how to open a door to the chaotic nether itself, and all its denizens, regardless of blood spilled. In a cruel twist, these dark masters discarded one servant and happily settled their plots on a new: the daemon Azrule, summoned by the warlock on the offer of Prosperina's own weak and surrendered soul, unexpectedly offered her hope. He would not consume her, but he would take her soul as a pact, and give her the power to free herself from her tormentor for the same price. Her faith long gone, it was easy for Prosperina to trade on something she no longer believed in. Filled with arcane power--true power for which she had no need to pray or pander for--she found in her new life a will to be. A will for revenge. A will to be one day, truly free.


Prosperina grew up in Sheffield, Lordaeron, with her brother Bairn until the tender age of ten. Since entering the realm of Sylvanas she has rediscovered childhood friends Briary Jones and Corentin. It remains possible that other old acquaintances remain to be found...

Prosperina served the church, first at Northshire Abbey as an acolyte and later as a pledged pupil of the Order of Lightbringers in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. Prosperina has been absent now five months, and many of her brothers and sisters continue to pray for her safe return. Perhaps, an as yet unknown young Paladin prays a little more fervently than the others? Her life in the Cathedral was sheltered, but she had met some of the other citizens of the Alliance on market days, citizens who might yet recognize her...

Prosperina finds herself no more endeared to Orcs, Trolls and Tauren in the months after undeath than she did in life. In truth, they terrify her and she avoids them as best she can. Slowly, certain of these unwanted allies are beginning to overcome her misgivings...

Her brother Bairn, a priest sworn to the Crusade searches for her, fearing the worst. Perhaps he is a friend, perhaps he is an...

Meridith, Plagos, Aethira, Munio, Azahuel


Archbishop Benedict is worried because of a certain holy relic loaned to the young priestess on her first expedition--a relic that would be a great loss should it fall into the wrong hands. A concern worthy of dispatching some Paladins to look into, perhaps...

Prosperina reviles the church. She believes that she led a life in accordance to the Three Virtues and finds it impossible to reconcile that she was ressurected from promised unity with the cosmos to this vile, wrteched prison of corruption that is her animated corpse. She would like to exact revenge upon the church, ultimately discrediting it and its teachings. She now believes that we make our own fates and our own pleasures, and that higher powers, should they exist, are at best indifferant and at worst vain and petulant, and especially that the teachings of the church are nonsense amounting to sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Prosperina despises warlocks. Her upbringing and her personal experiences conspire to utterly convince her that all bargains with demons are losing ones. Worse yet, not only do those who bargain with demons imperil themselves, they imperil everyone around them: the day will come when the demon claims his due. Perhaps yet more despicable, the unit of trade of a warlock is souls, souls that forever depart this plane and are consumed in torment in another. Though she now rejects the Three Virtues, she cannot shake the deeply rooted feeling that to sacrifice souls betrays all of Azeroth, perhaps all of creation. Furthermore, she cannot help but suspect that the tragedy of her own story would never have happened had the races of Azeroth never opened the door to demons in the first place. That she herself is now bound to demons and a dealer in souls is something she just manages to compartmentalize and conceal. Sometimes however, when she is enraptured by the power she is channelling, her will slips and the touch of the demon breaks through...

The Lich King's principal agent and architect of the plague, Kel'Thuzad, was once a member of the Kirin Tor. He subjugated some of his former brothers to his will as members of the Scourge. Some of these former savants are now free-willed and continue to pursue arcane knowledge for their own undisclosed purposes as members of a new Brotherhood of Magi. The interest of these ruthless undead in Prosperina lies in her connection to the source of all mage powers: the twisting nether. Her name was given to them by the demon Bazzalan. Following up, they discovered that she does not channel the nether, like other mages, but in fact seems to draw her powers in a similar way to a warlock: by a pact with a demon. They are desparate to know the meaning of this: both the thaumaturgical implications and the portents of daemons once again meddling in the affairs of Azeroth. Prosperina was recently freed from their clutches by her brothers and sisters in Curse, but they have hardly finished with her...

Somewhere out there, a mad, souless gnome has not forgotten her former slave...




A long story wherein events propel the naive Prospera to her fate.


A long story wherein Prospera's better intentions make her easy prey for a mad gnome alchemist warlock bent on returning the exiles to Gnomeregon... at all costs.


A long story wherein Prospera frees herself from one cruel master only to enter the service of one perhaps crueler. Brashly defying her new masters, she takes on the moniker "Prosperina," one who is wed to death. She declares herself finally, truly, free. But is she?

Never /Flirt With StrangersEdit

A short story of recent events taking place in Rage Fire Chasm. Prosperina begins to own her fate and steps foot on the path to her ultimate... revenge? ...redemption?

RP EventsEdit

The ReturnEdit

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