Race: Night Elf
Age: Several Months (Approximate)
Birthplace: The Westbrook Garrison
Class: Priest
Professions: None
Affiliations: Former member of The Peacemaker League
Character Status: Inactive/Deleted

Appearance: Prrow is physically identical to her double Pook except having white hair instead of aquamarine, and she appears to be frail where Pook is hearty and strong. She often smiles, though, and carries a kindly expression. Her fingers are perpetually smudged by charcoal. One ear looks as though it's been gnawed at the tip.


Prrow is friendly and innocent, to the point of being naieve. She tires easily and needs to rest often, but doesn't like to impose on those around her with her limitations. She has a hidden streak of determination, though, and is willing to fight for herself and those she cares for.



When Pook came to Lord Sebastian Cromwell he performed his dark ritual on her, splitting her soul into two separate bodies. Pook retained all the strength, ambition and cunning from her former self and gained the ability to talk. The extra, "less useful" and unwanted aspects of her soul like kindness, compassion, empathy and the ability to love and heal others were housed in the body of Prrow...but she was also completely unable to make a sound, not even the growlings and quasi-language that Pook used before. She did, however, display an almost supernaturally surprising ability to draw anything from memory, and used pictures to try and communicate more complex concepts than Pook before the ritual would have been able to understand.

Despite that, though, Prrow was very frail, Pook having retained her hardyness and physical strength, and had to rest often.

A Long SleepEdit

It wasn't long before Pook realized that she not only needed strength and anger and cunning, but also wanted to retain her more gentile emotions as well, and the longer she spoke to her friend Erunamo and came to care about Tybilt the more she was able to retrieve these aspects from Prrow through their shared soul. This left Prrow progressively weaker and less able to stay conscious, until she finally started to grow almost transparent. She slept most of the day and night in the kitchen of the Wisps and Spirits until the villainous Guzzler took over the Westbrook Light Brigade and started to chase down the remaining Brigade members. She was moved to Ironforge with a friendly Dwarven family, watched over from time to time by Saraich and Draeg Flamebeard.

Realizing that if Prrow was destroyed Pook would be too, Tybilt underwent a dangerous journey to the Plaguelands to retrieve Soulstones from the creatures there to be used to sustain Prrow. These Soulstones helped to sustain her, for a time...

Finding a BalanceEdit

Over time, Prrow grew restless in Ironforge. There was a wide world outside, and she wanted to see it instead of spending her time cooped up in a Dwarven house drawing all the time. She started to venture out, exploring and meeting people, communicating the best she could through pictures and gestures. She was quickly recruited into Flamebeard's Peacemaker League and made new friends. Upon attempting to develop a romantic relationship with Erunamo at the urgings of Cynthia and being rejected, though, she sunk into a depression, going to Cromwell and asking that the Ritual be undone and herself and Pook be merged again. Cromwell told her what she already knew, that it was not within his power to do so and that both her and Pook would have to want the transformation undone to go back to the way they were as one. Flamebeard suggested that she speak to another member of the Peacemaker League about it...Jeanpaul, Cromwell's own other split half from the same Ritual.

The two made an instant connection, and he explained to her that in order for both her and Pook to survive they had to find a balance between the aspects of their souls. If Pook wanted the emotions of love and caring that were contained in Prrow, she would have to share some of her own strength and determination with her. For a time the two fought fiercely for control of their shared soul, but in the end, with the help of her friends and Jean Paul, Prrow was able to establish something like a balance between them. Pook selfishly vowed that the situation would not be allowed to stand as it was for long, however...

The CrusadeEdit

Jean Paul realized Prrow's feelings towards him and the two of them started to take tentative steps towards having a more involved relationship. They discovered that there was an evil Cardinal in the Church, however, Jean Paul's former haven, who was seeking to destroy everyone involved with Cromwell's dark Ritual. There were also all the people seeking to harm Pook and Cromwell for their actions that wanted to harm the weaker Prrow and Jean Paul instead, since due to their shared nature any damage to one half would also damage the other. And so the two went into hiding, fleeing all those who would seek to destroy them. After a time Jean Paul didn't return, however, and Prrow started to yearn to see the world again.

Recent TimesEdit

Pook made a bargain with Prrow, if she'd let Jimbotomy protect her and stay with him she'd share her strength, courage and resolve with her freely. Wanting to get out more to see the world she accepted, but soon Jim went on a sabattical to Tanaris and Prrow was pursued by Andrinn. She went to live with him and the two fell in love, although she started to feel terrible about it when she learned that Jean Paul had actually been kidnapped by Cardinal Renier and the Scarlet Crusade, and then Tybilt took him to whereabouts unknown. She also somehow had Pook's unborn son transferred to her by way of the mysterious bond she and Pook share as one soul with two bodies when Pook was dying, and carried the child for her, neither one of them able to figure out how to get it back to the rightful mother. It was soon returned when she was threatened by a strange ethereal presence, and then shortly afterwards Pook came to her, asking that they join together as one person again. Having very little left of her own she agreed, and the two are now the one person of Pook once again.


Pook Turns Evil

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