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The following story has been deemed mature.
This story includes content that is deemed inappropriate for younger people and could contain content from sexuality to grisly violence and everything in-between. Read at your own risk.

An old diary entry of Vrishka's. This notes one of her most succesful battles fought against the Alliance. I have rated this mature due to graphic details of cannibalism and blood, just incase anyone is squeamish to those types of things.

'Ah first me 'an mah group o' friends (Tanti, Mugthol, Robozk, and Jadenala) was all like, 'dis is goin' ta' 'ell really quick! "We got's ta' be doin' somethin' 'bout it!" 'ah shouted out in panic. Tanti be lookin' verah sad n' such. She look ta' me with her head down sayin' 'dat it be "'an embarassment", da' five o' us went silent... we be agreein' wit' 'er. But den 'ah swear somethin' snapped inside all o' our 'eads! We STILL be 'avin a chance. Defend da' Frostwolf territory 'an station, if da' station be goin', we's gunna' be in some sorta' 'ell.

I remembah' stayin' bah da' station watchin' mah wife 'an Robozk sittin' atop a mountain' n' shooting da' feet out from under 'dem pinkies n' elfies. When one o' 'dem Alliance be gettin' close I charged 'em best I could, let out fierce yelp and sliced 'dere 'eads wit' mah spear. I remember spittin' on da' corpses. "Ya' won' be takin' Frostwolf," I slamed my polearm into the crisp ice below feet, "ovah' mah dead body..."

I defended for at least an hour. We be gainin' Frostwolf, loosin' it, 'den gettin' it back. Tanti be found us all 'an screamed out ta' us. "Give me a few minutes! I can do this!" Blood had fully stained mah armor by now, and my arms were gettin' mighty heavy. "Tanti, I be believin' in ya'... do it... do it for the Horde!" I screamed like an animal, strikin' mah nearest opponent straight through da' face. Blood shot nearly fifteen feet as a pierced da' veins n' such in 'is neck n' face. I 'tink I made da' people aroun' me throw up, 'dey not be 'avin a strong stomach like me. "A shame..." 'ah be tinkin', "'dat pinkie be'd good eatin' right now." Moments later a Frostwolf soldier informed me 'dat Tanti had successfully taken back our aid outpost. I saw her in da' distance, fightin' like 'er life was meant on it. I smiled, "she be a strong one..." I thought.

Inbetween the lulls at Frostwolf I drank plenty of watah' 'an be usin' alcohol ta' clean mah wounds, I also be lickin' da' blood off o' mah spear... damn was 'ah 'ungry. 'An all da' undead's was eatin' da' fallen corpses, I was left wit' scraps. Occassionaly I bent ovah' a pinkie ta' rip off 'an arm or pick off a bone wit' plenty o' meat still on it... it be cold... but 'ah needed energy, we wasn't ovah' yet...

Mugthol and Jadenala was togetha' on da' front lines. I decided to stay in da' back for da' mos' part. I wanted ta' slay any Alliance who be darin' ta' take back da' reclaimed ground. But nah' 'afore long I felt a strong cold hand grab mah arm 'an jerk me 'round. It was Robozk. "Lass, you faring alright?"

I nodded, while breathing heavily, mah insides was pumpin' fire like somethin' fierce. He embraced me in a hug 'dat nearly shot da' life outta' me.

"Kill them for the Horde lass, kill them good. Be safe, I worry about you." I nodded, takin' a moment ta' rest my 'ead against da' ol' orc. His presence be comfortin', a well deserved break.

"'Ahll be doin' 'dat... 'an more," I be assurin' him while pullin' back slightly. 

"Will ya' be stayin' back?" 'ah asked.

"This ol' leg of mine is killing me. I will alert you if you are needed again," before finishin' 'is sentence a Frostwolf guard ran up ta' 'im. "Sir, it be from da' front lines! The arch druid! Field of Strife!"

Robozk narrowed his eyes, "I'll take care of this... immediately."

'Ah latah' 'eard da' ol' orc lead da' Arch Druid straight ta' our general, who be slicin' 'er ta' bits. Unfortunately 'ah had been requested at the front lines. I was ta' leave Robozk behind 'an join mah wife, Mugthol, and Tanti. I 'elped where I could, shout 'dem Alliance away in terror, 'an pickin' off da' wounded.

Time ticked by, and 'ah was sore beyond belief. Da' fire inside me kept meh goin', it made me numb ta' tha' pain. The chill air aroused my senses, not allowin' me to stop. 'Ah would nevah' stop, 'ah would fight wit' every last bit o' strength in mah body. This was da' mos' important battle o' mah life. 'Ah would do it for the Horde, Jadenala, mah friends, and mah tribe. Da' Alliance scum deserved to die.

Our victory be swift n' hard. We charged Stormpike in a flurry of fire, blood, and tears. Da' commanders be givin' us a challenge. On da' hill Sindi be blessin' 'an healin' da' wounded, an' Mugthol, in 'is callous rage, set every movin' thin' on fire... 'an maybe dropped an infernal or two... he claimed "the Alliance were getting 'uppity'". Jade ran 'round like 'ah fiend throwin' out arrows like 'dey was candy ta' ah baby. Once she ran out she set traps everywhere she could. If an Alliance got caught she'd corner 'im and stab 'im. Tanti was runnin' 'round da' place killin' anything that moved. She threw da' totems all 'round, used lightin' n such... all 'da vodoo n' such I nevah really understood. Soon da' commanders were beginnin' ta' retreat. Maybe it be a'cause 'dey saw some o' da' Horde rippin' Alliance limb ta' limb. Mugthol stood up and yelled "Vandalar Stormpike, YOUR FLESH IS OURS!". We dun nevah' get dat little dwarfie. 'Im an 'is generals run scared wit 'dem tails between 'dey're legs. We’s successfully pushed back ‘dem Alliance scum, ‘dey not be botherin’ da’ Frosties anymore.

Sweat dropped off us 'an onta' da' snow, blood stained 'ah clothes... we was tired, 'an exhausted.


I grinned. If only mah tribe back 'ome could see meh now...

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