Quillony von Fraggerblast
Game Information
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Guild TheBlackCompany
Professions Miner/Engineer, Bandit, Arsonist for Hire, Sapper
Vital Statistics
Height 3'6"
Weight 55 lbs
Build Athletic (for a gnome)
Hair Raven black
Eyes Steel
Personal Information
Alignment Chaotic AWESOME (Chaotic Neutral)
Age 56 (claims to be 48)
Birthplace Gnomeregan
Marital Status ... Um no.
Pets Do explosives count?
Family Squeanmi (Sister), Coira Snowshoe (Best friend/Object of Torment)

General Appearance and Personality Edit

Unlike some of her more pasty-faced fellows, Quillony sports a quite decent tan. Her most arresting feature is her eyes, which have the color and shine of a brushed steel bomb casing. Her hair is a sharp contrast to her relatively light eyes, and is glossy black in appearance. Her face is always plastered with a self-confident little smirk, and she can often be seen with burn marks and smudges of gunpowder on her girlish face, though there aren't any serious marring scars, save for a small, thin, pale scar across her right cheek.

Her attire is simple. Thick but maneuverable leather gloves, a hardened leather vest and pants, a red bandanna or safety goggles, and two bandoliers that are stocked with stick upon stick of dynamite (which is mostly just for show, in reality it's just empty dynamite casings). Several small tools hang at her waist including a mining pick, a strange device that looks like a tiny rock grinder, and a tiny mining pick.

Her attitude is cheerful, and some might say almost recklessly, unyieldingly optimistic. She doesn't feel there's any problem she can't solve, and by solve I mean blow to smithereens. She has a propensity for sarcastic jibes, playful jests, showing off, and general loudmouthed obnoxiousness. That being said, her cheerful demeanor evaporates into frothing, twitching, Napoleon-esque rage whenever somebody treats her like an ickle plushie doll rather than a dangerously unstable bomb enthusiast.

She is a dangerous pyromaniac, and has been suspected, but never convicted, of causing several small fires in Elwynn Forest, Dun Morogh, and Stormwind. She even advertises herself as an arsonist for hire, and makes no attempt to conceal her disturbing love for watching private property burn. She has also worked as a highway bandit, a sneak-thief, a pickpocket, and has even been convicted of ransoming a valuable prize house-cat.

She isn't a sadist or a monster per-se. She doesn't like suffering or pain, and though she takes pleasure in killing, she tries to do so as efficiently and quickly as possible to minimize the pain of her victims. She doesn't like carnage or death, but she does like seeing chaos, panic, disorder, and gratuitous destruction of the explosive kind. Her violent temper doesn't really leave people much chance of mercy however if they happen to catch her ire.

History Edit

Born Quillony Swillgear, Quillony had a generally easy childhood. She, her parents, and her sister lived happily in Gnomeregan and Quillony was by all accounts a well adjusted and easygoing child. For some reason or other however, she began to form a deep obsession with explosives and fire from a young age. While other Gnomes turned their attention to engineering bizarre technological marvels, Quillony seemed to prefer making things that invariably exploded or caused things to catch fire. Gnomish inventions held very little interest to her, and during the World Tinker's Fair, she spent more time with visiting goblin engineers than gnomes.

It's assumed that during this time, the Goblin love for chaos, strife, and half-interested destruction began to rub off on her. By the time she was in her thirties her fondest moments were blowing up troll huts and Wendigo caves. She was also suspected of causing several fires, and had made a reputatation for herself among the underworld as a talented sapper and arsonist. It was at this time that she chose her gnomish surname "von Fraggerblast" (the "von" was only added because she thought it sounded intimidating).

She enjoyed her life for the most part, acting as a bandit sometimes, a mercenary others, and even a kidnapped a prized house-cat for ransom (convicted and sentenced to four years in prison, but escaped the stockades with a smuggled Seaforium charge after six months). She was not in Gnomeregan during the accident (this happened during her imprisonment) although her mother and father were, her father died during this time, while her mother and sister escaped (her mother however has a shaky relationship with Quillony due to her decision to not pursue Gnomish engineering) Currently due to the chaos of the third war, and the general unrest of the world at large, she has managed to avoid capture for her past crimes as Stormwind and Ironforge have bigger fish to fry (SI:7 has also made sure she remains free of prison due to the fact that she performs jobs for them).

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