Description Edit

Name: Radica Lefbevre
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Age: 18
Birthplace: The shores of Lordamere
Residence: Stormwind
Affiliation: The Sacred Path

Appearance Edit

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Background Edit

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Belonging Edit


The Sacred Path Edit

Radica spath

Originally a split from the Church of Light, following a more traditional interpretation of the Three Tenets, in part a response to the rampant corruption in the cities. The arrival of the Draenei and by extension, the Naaru, took the Path in a new direction. Believing them to be the truer and more pure form of the Light, they look to their new allies to share their teachings and unite against the common foe -- the Burning Legion that threatens the very existence of Azeroth itself.

Companions Edit

Slowpoke: A netherwhelp gifted to her by a kind Draenai she saved from the clutches of the Defias Brotherhood.

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