Basic InformationEdit

Full Name: Rafael A'domi
Title: Wandering Soul
Race: Night Elf, Male
Class: Druid
Specialty: Feral
Professions: Skinning and Leatherworking
Age: ??
Birthplace: ??
Height: ?'?
Weight: ??? lbs.
Alignment: Druidic Neutral
Affiliations: Nothing Permanent

Known InformationEdit

Rafael was a sea-sailing warrior-turned druid who couldn't seem to ignore his affinity for the water. He lived mostly amongst human sailors and adopted the human name Rafael while doing so. He has been known to brawl with pirates and it has said he has succumbed to them, for he has not been heard of since. He was once affiliated with Iron Blue Intention, and had a sister named Neiko.

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