Real Name: Garion Razen Runedoran

Race: Undead, Forsaken

Age: 23 years

Affiliations: None

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

General Facial Expression: Pained

Birthplace: Stormwind City

Appearance Edit

Ragion Runedoran has shoulder length black hair, that's just as filthy and wirey as the rest of the dead people's hair. His eyes are covered with the strange brace that he wears on his head, though there is a soft blue glow coming from behind it, if you look hard enough.

It would appear that he may have been a great warrior while he was alive, though now all his strong muscles have deminished, and his return to 'life' has somehow endowed him with the power to control demons.

Personality Edit

Ragion is generally soft-spoken, his voice sounds gentle and almost kind, dispite the occasional rasp and hiss coming from his worn throat. He takes a great liking to those who show even the smallest acts of kindness.

Before Death Edit

Garion Runedoran was born to Raine Runedoran, and never knew his father. He grew under his mother's care to be an almost sensible young man. By the time he was 19, he was a care-free, fun-loving, your basic 'Dancing Through Life' kinda guy. He trained himself to be a warrior, playing with swords when he was a kid and hearing all kinds of tales of his father's brave deeds as a Paladin. Garion wanted to be just like his father, the only problem was, he didn't quite like the idea of having to be so religious about it. So, he settled for being a warrior instead, after all, why learn to heal yourself when you can have priests do it for you?

When he turned 19 he traveled to Southshore, to visit a friend who knew a fellow warrior, that could help further along Garion's training. This warrior was Darian Tarkheena, father of Arhena Tarkheena.

Garion and Darian became good friends, despite their age difference, and Darian became like a father to Garion during his training. Arhena, on the other hand, either didn't seem to like him at all, or was too smitten with him, and avoided him out of shyness. Though his cocky self would never have admitted it, he was attracted to her right away. Arhena was also a warrior, with firey red hair and ruby eyes to match. Her temperament was a bit more soft than Garion would have liked at the time, but then he found her anger and decided her gentleness was perfectly fine after all.

After a few months, Garion married Arhena and they moved back to his home in Stormwind. Garion, being finished with his warrior training and certified by Arhena's father to be 'An Official Warrior', decided to enlist in the Alliance Army, much to Arhena's distress. After being called to Kalimdor to fight at the Warsong Gulch, about a year after their marriage. Some few weeks later, Arhena recieved a letter and the condolences of the Alliance Army for her loss, as Garion and his team of soldiers had been overrun by the Horde, primarily the Forsaken, though instead of killing them outright, they had captured them. Arhena to this day, doesn't know if Garion is dead, captured, or if he is a Forsaken, which he is.

Garion was brought before the higher authorities of the Forsaken, who decided that he would undergo a series of experiments and tests, then turned to a Forsaken to see the end result. After months of torturous experiments and fearful memories, Garion's body couldn't take anymore of this and right before he died, he felt a strange, chalky liquid being poured down his mouth and then all was darkness.

Then he heard the call of the Lich King. It was strong, almost overpowering and Garion nearly succumbed to it, but his soul was strong, as the Forsaken had expected, and he 'Awoke' several weeks after he 'died' and his body was deteriorating rapidly. Everyone around him began cheering, as if some great accomplishment had been made, as if they had reached a new breaking point in their science. They called him Ragion, and said that he was one of theirs, a brother. There was something haunting about their smiles, and Ragion accepted his new name without a word, thinking to himself that it would be better for Arhena and for the other people he knew, if he just remained dead to them.

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