Ramerra Morrigan Edit


Ramerra mounted in Outland

Race: Forsaken
Age: (about 27 at time of death)
Class: Mage
Guild: Obsidian
Relatives: Augustus (son, deceased), Traumere (husband), (immediate family assumed deceased)
Appearance: Ramerra's corpse appears worn in places. She is missing the skin on her jaw and seems to be without her eyes. She has pushed-back matted dark hair and pale skin. Ramerra is often sighted twiddling with a golden wedding band around her finger.

Life Edit

Ramerra grew up in a small town in Lordaeron as an only child. She was a solitary child, enjoying spending time by herself. This however, changed when her best friend Audreid was born when Ramerra was about 10. Ramerra looked after Audreid as she grew up as Audreid's family was constantly away from home undertaking risky jobs in the rogue business. Ramerra became best friends through all the time she spent taking care of Audreid. Ramerra discovered in her youth that she had the ability to mainpulate mana as a mage and helped Audreid make use of the same talent.

When Ramerra was about 20 years old, she met a skilled rogue named Traumere Morrigan through Audreid's brother. She fell in love with Traumere and married him after five years of courtship. Almost a year after their wedding, Ramerra gave birth to their son Augustus.

Not long after Augustus was born, the undead scourge began to plague Lordeaeron, creating war in her peaceful life. Traumere left to fight the undead, leaving Ramerra behind to take care of their son and tend to the wounded Lordaeron soldiers. When the scourge came too close for Ramerra's comfort, she sent her son Augustus away with Audreid to escape the plague. Shortly after her son was sent away, Ramerra was taken by the scourge and perished.

Undeath Edit

Fallen GloryEdit

When Ramerra was awakened as Forsaken, she had no means by which to learn of the fate of her husband and son. She found comfort and support from fellow Forsaken Cyneric Blackthrone, Faol Powell, and Ahtiyel. She Cyneric's guild, Fallen Glory, shortly after meeting her new friends. Not long after joining, Ramerra was reunited with Audreid and the two tried to piece together what had happened to their loved ones.


After a prolonged failure of communication between Audreid and Ahtiyel, Ramerra assisted Audreid in forming Obsidian and transfering the bulk of Fallen Glory's members to the new guild. She became Overseer of the guild, being subordinate only to Audreid, the Guardian.

After the formation of Obsidian, Ramerra recieved word that her son Augustus had been killed by an Alliance Druid while playing in the fields. Ramerra had to bear the incalculable loss of her only son, which she did with as much grace as she could muster. The weight of her son's death still hangs over her, making her feel sorrow at many odd times.

Ressurection of TraumereEdit

A few months after Ramerra learned of the fate of her son Augustus, she learned that Audreid had discovered Traumere's corpse in the Plaguelands. Ramerra was nearly crushed by bearing the grief of the loss of her son and husband when fellow guild-member Domini Sothant suggested that he might be able to use his demonic abilities in conjunction with a source of holy light to resurrect the Traumere. Ramerra quickly accepted the proposal and assisted Domini and Audreid (who had agreed to be the source of light) in the ritual.

Ramerra and Ispus

Ispus and Ramerra surrounded by petals in the Undercity

Despite Ramerra's hopes, the resurrection did not work out the way which Domini had planned. Traumere was brought back from death as Forsaken and Audreid went into a coma. Traumere learned of the death of his son and went off on his own to collect himself and regain his compusure with a sound outlook on his new existence. He has yet to fully except events and has not yet fully rejoined his wife.


Ramerra is currently assisting Audreid in dealing with the restructuring of the guild's heirarchy and the influx of new Blood Elf recruits. She is also dealing with Traumere's instabilities and reactions to his new "life."


Ramerra has a special friend, ally, and protector in fellow Obsidian member Ispus Scorned, her personal champion and a Forsaken of honor. He carries her favor of a red rose.

Personality Edit

Ramerra's personality is one of nearly undending warmth and kindness which can only be stopped by a very abusive or unwanted action. She cares for all members of Obsidian deeply and acts in many ways as a mother for the guild. Ramerra's moods can be transient, though she remains endowed with the same good sense with which she was born and unborn. She is always quick to help any member of the guild who needs her. Her bad moods can sometimes be brought out by the fact that she typically gains strength at a slower pace than her allies, which has also made her vulnerable, as was the case when Zandro Sandstrike bcame corrupted by fel.

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