Name: Rassindra Derling, goes by "Rassy", "Rassy Derling", or formerly "Rassy Darling", called "Rah Seh" by her sister Drosh
Race: Undead (formerly: Human)
Age: 20
Birthplace: Westfall
Class: Rogue (before undeath: Warrior)
Professions: Mining and Engineering (before undeath: Blacksmithing)
Appearance: Rassy was not dead more than a few minutes, so she has not suffered the degree of decay that many undead have (yet). (When she was still human: Slightly overweight, rather mousy and plain. Used to Dress a bit tomboy-ish; now seems to be leaning more towards dressing like a woman.)

Personality & PastEdit


Rassy grew up on her parents farm in Westfall, which was quite recently destroyed by the Defias. The two Derling girls Drosh and Rassy were known to their neighbors as the "nice one" and the "brat", respectively.

"Ma" Derling was a midwife. She died in a cart accident when Rassy was very young, leaving their father to raise the two girls alone. When Drosh left to study to be a priestess (and became undead), Rassy had to take on many more of the responsibilities of the farm at a young age. Rassy grew more shy as she spent more and more time alone in the fields and less time with people.

When the Defias destroyed their home, Rassy and her father moved to Northshire, where her father still lives. Rassy went out into the world to search for her sister. It took a long time, but she eventually was successful, thanks to the Forsaken woman Lucency, who Rassy feels a great fondness for.

It might be because of Lucency's gentle nature, and that Rassy doesn't feel that she has to talk to the kind undead priestess to communicate that she has more-or-less fallen for her.

The "Old" RassyEdit

Before losing her memory, Rassy tended to keep to herself and avoided crowds. This proved to be a liability for her during a brief stint as a barmaid for the Wisps and Spirits. She tended to stutter, but she was working on fixing this problem.

She had few close friends, but those that she did have she was quite loyal to.

When angered, Rassy was quite confrontational, and much of her shyness disolved. Her soft-spoken side vanished when she was in a combatitive situation. It really is no wonder why most of her closest friends were also warriors.

Memory LossEdit

Since losing her memory her stutter has disappeared, and she has much more confidence. She considers the Rassy before she awoke to be a stranger.

She was previously messy and unkempt, but now is well groomed, and is wearing much more flattering clothing. She took off her armor and weapons the day after she awoke, and didn't put them back on until she rediscovered how to fight during a Scourge invasion.

She thinks that the "old" Rassy's change of the name "Derling" to "Darling" was just silly, so she now calls herself "Rassy Derling".

With Drosh's help, Rassy was able to recover much of her memory, however...


Rassy was searching for her friend Lucency when she met a warlock named Durgan Barrowhaunt outside the Sepulcher. Rassy asked him to go up and ask if Lucency was up there for her, and he agreed.

From Rassy's perspective, things get a little odd from there. She next awoke in the tavern in Brill, with Durgan with her, in the state of undeath. The warlock treated her kindly and with understanding, and Rassy found herself strangely drawn to him, and at ease with anything he says. She finds Durgan to be most trustworthy, for some reason.

In reality, Durgan struck Rassy from behind, knocking her unconscious. He performed a ritual on her, killing her and binding her to a stone that he carries with him, and bringing her back to "life". Rassy is undead, but the plague has not touched her. The only witness to these events is Rassy's cat Tunar, who is quite simply just a cat.

While she is adjusting to her new life, Rassy has moved back to Ratchet and is living behind the Kodo. She retains some of her recent found confidence, but recovering her memories has confused her greatly, and she often fights to maintain a calm exterior and not reveal the anger towards the world that consumes her.


Rassy is now undead ((and represented by the character "Rassindra")).

Other InformationEdit

  • Rassy has a Siamese cat named Tunar; she was given to Rassy by Saix. The fairly normal (though loyal) cat saw Durgan kill her and bring her back, and followed him as he carried her to Brill.
  • Lived with Drosh in Ratchet for some time, during which Drosh helped her many details of her childhood, but through Drosh's twisted view of things.
  • Lives in Ratchet, doing dirty work for the Goblins.

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