Ravisse ViergeEdit

Race: Human
Age: 20
Birthplace: Arathi Highlands
Class: Mage
Professions: Enchanter/Tailor
Affiliations: Scarlet Crusade

Appearance: Ravisse is young and fresh-faced, eschewing many of the enhancements other girls her age tend to have such as piercings, a fashionable hairstyle or clothes. Her blonde hair is cut in a sensible bob, her skin is somewhat tanned and her hands are rough, indicating a farming-style background. She generally bears a pleasant but curiously focused expression, as if she is absolutely certain of the world and her place in it. She is never seen in clothes that don't completely cover her.


Ravisse on the surface seems to be a normal, pleasant if somewhat shy and easily flustered young woman. She is completely dedicated to her faith. What her faith is exactly, however, seems to be slightly different than most who profess to be followers of the Light, and she is often seen trying to talk "heathens and infidels" (which seem to encompass more or less everyone but her fellow Scarlet Crusade members) in a surprisingly cheerful manner into being purged of their sins by holy fire and implements of torment.


The Light's BlessedEdit

Ravisse was born into a small insular religious farming community in the hills of the Arathi Highlands. Scraping out a hard existence in the rocky soil of the hills, the Light's Blessed worship the Light to the point of cultishness, assigning attributes like disapproval, anger, hate and forgiveness to what most of the followers of the Light tend to see as a less specific spiritual concept. They see anything that does not conform to their very specific and narrow set of beliefs as being "of the Darkness," the natural enemy of the Light, and believe it's their duty to cleanse the world of the Dark, by force if necessary. Nobody is the brunt of this disapproval and "education" more than the community's own children, who are often seen as being tainted by the Dark upon birth and needing harsh discipline at every turn. Nobody but the Blessed know what this discipline entails, but somehow Ravisse is quite knowledgeable about most forms of torture.

By Fire be PurgedEdit

Much to the dismay of Ravisse's parents she showed an early talent for fire magic, as the Arcane is viewed by the Blessed as being more or less the same as Demonic magic. When upset or distressed fires had a habit of breaking out around her, uncontrolled, and the harsh discipline and attempts to purge the Darkness within her she received only seemed to make it happen more often. An elderly man in the community, a former Mage, was able to teach her the basics of controlling her power, but largely she was still seen by the community as being tainted. It was almost with a sense of relief that her family agreed to let her venture out into the world to spread the teachings of the Light's Blessed and further hone her powers. To Ravisse, she sees herself as being blessed with a talent for one of the purest forms of the Light, and thinks of it as her mission to purge the world at large of the Darkness with her holy fire.

Sir Yes Sir!Edit

Her departure from the isolated world of the Light's Blessed came with one condition from her family - that she put herself in the care of an organization with ideals that somewhat matched those of the Blessed, who were also dedicated to taking true action against the Darkness in the world instead of sitting idly by and letting the Light be extinguished. Selected for this purpose was the Scarlet Crusade, whose deeds and actions in Stormwind in particular had been heard of and praised even in the insular community of the Blessed. Upon her arrival in the intimidatingly large and bustling city Ravisse contacted James Grimhold, who recruited her and brought her in to be trained by Balen and perform under the watchful eye of Lysfara. Thus far she has largely been perplexed by the military conventions used by the Crusade, but is fully dedicated to using her talents to set the world aflame...with holy light. But also, you know, fire.


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