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Title: Big Mojo Mage
Name: Razi'kaal
Race: Troll
Age: Forty-something
Birthplace: Unknown
Class: Mage
Professions: Herbalist/Miner
Affiliations: Packmate of the Bad Moon Rising.
Appearance: Tall and lanky like your average troll, Razi'kaal's body shows signs of wear, both from time and travel. Walking with a limp, always leaning on his staff, Razi still suffers from several injuries that have never properly healed. Razi's balding head is framed by wisps of deep blue hair, a contrast to his pale blue skin. War paint, arcane runes, and shamanistic ritual scars and markings cover the length of his body, often wrapping into each other in intricate patterns. Of late, Razi has taking to wearing bright red robes, in tune with his adoption the element of fire. Razi'kaal almost always appears distracted, snapping from friendly and easy-going to coldly intense in an instant.



(from Razi's introduction to Bad Moon Rising)

Searchin'. We evah be searchin', but nevah be takin' nah time tah see.

Mah name be Razi'kaal, and I be searchin' out a new beginnin'. Mah tale be one full of deceit and greed. But I got nah mo' use fah lies and shinin' 'tings, so I only be trut'in' wit' yah now.

A long time 'go, back when me tusks were nah biggah 'den mah lil' me 'tumb, I was a king. Yah see, all mah tribe evah talk 'bout was "Spirits 'dis, and Spirits 'dat." Yah talk to da spirits, 'den you was a god. I didn' hear nah spirits, but I t'ought I was smartah 'den yah av'rage troll. I didn' 'ear nah voices, but Razi got a bit o' da magic in 'im, and a lil' fire 'n' ice was all it took fah dem tah t'ink I 'eard dem spirits.

Now dah magics I got be real good at zappin' gnomes and 'tings, but I can't heal no wounds. I can't brin' back no life like da othah spirit-talkahs. Dey figure 'dat our soon enough, and 'dey not be pleased.

So 'dey lock me up an' lef' me tah starve. Right 'bout when I wasn't able tah stay awake no more, I hear 'em -- da spirits! Dey weren't too happy wit' what I do, but dey decide to give me 'nother chance, and 'elp me out. Now I figure I gotta pay 'em back. At leas' I be hopin' if I do, maybe dey go away.

I be wanderin' a time, and I find nah peace. But I also be learnin'. I know 'bout true respec', and dat it don' come from lyin'. I know 'bout true power, and it don come from flashy tricks. I don' know true loyalty, but only 'cause I was lackin' a teachah. Dah spirits say I still got much to learn, and I can't do it mahself. Much time as I spent tryin' to be rid of 'em, dah spirits 'ave been a blessin'.

'Dere be a trouble risin' and someone need ta fight it. Da spirits say you got da right of it... an' I 'tink you got da right of it, too. I'd like tah join yah, an' mebbe we togethah we can all fin' what we lookin' for.

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