Bio Edit

Name: Jamie "Redshaw" Lionfeather

Race: Human

Age: 23


Ilkham, a modestly large village deep in the Alterac Mountains. (It was completely destroyed during the Plague's initial rampage through Lordaeron)


Physically, Jamie is almost what you'd call unusually attractive. His fiery red hair usually pulled back into a ponytail, he has a pointed chin covered by a sleek goatee. His slightly pointed ears angle outwards and, while the right is plain unadorned, the left is decorated by two silver rings piercing it. Of his facial features, most odd are his eyes which are two different colors. One, a deep moss green, whiles the other a bright sky blue. Both shine with an insatiable thirst for the unknown.

A traveling bard, a lute hanging from strap is found at his side at all times, high elvish runes lining its neck. A left handed dualist, a loosely sheathed rapier hangs from Jamie’s right side, rather than the traditional left. When uncovered, a small black falcon-shaped tattoo, ringed with Celtic knots, is found on his left bicep.

Lastly, Jamie's accent is unmistakably similar to that of a dwarf's, though much more elegant and not nearly as gruff.


Jamie is your typical loud mouthed, vain, mischievous show off. He enjoys fine wine, cheap thrills, and beautiful women (more than slightly lecherous). Because of his "need" to always be in the spotlight, Jamie often finds himself biting off more than he can chew.

To say Jamie's sense of morals is questionable is a good deal more than an understatement. A man of Chaotic Good allignment, he does whatever he feels is right, or at least acceptable, while refusing to do anything that crosses his own sense of right and wrong. A man of pure passion, he will set himself to do what he feels needs to be done, law and rules be damned. It is impossible to know what Jamie is feeling, but whatever it is, you can be sure that he's feeling it big.

Of all things Jamie holds dearest, it is his freedom, and he will fight to do defend it to the very death if need be. To both mentally, emotionally, and physically unbound to do as he pleases. To take away Jamie's sense of freedom is to take away his will to live on.

Though he may be brash, leacherous, and slightly naive, Jamie is all in all a man of true heart, through and through.

Background Edit

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Childhood Edit

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Young Adulthood Edit

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Recent History Edit

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Diego Edit

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