RedWater FallingHoof Edit

Gender: Male
Faction: Horde
Race: Tauren
Age: 56
Origin: Bloodhoof Village
Class: Hunter
Profession: Miner/Engineer(Gnomish)
Hobbies: Fishing
Guild: Council member of Bad Moon Rising
Highest PvP rank attained: First Sergeant
Favored Battleground: Arathi Basin
Usually found in: Thunder Bluff

History Edit

RedWater was born in Bloodhoof village, son of Kalilynn and RedStone Fallinghoof. His father was killed in battle with the Centaur, however his mother still lives in Bloodhoof village. He has one daughter, Ayasha Fallinghoof(26). She has only reciently found him after her mother's passing. She was hidden away from RedWater by her grandparents until reciently.

During his training, RedWater had fought beside Tran'nok and grew to be friends with the shamanistic orc. As time passed, Tran'nok told RedWater of the visions he had seen. Looking just at Mulgore, RedWater could see the building of the clouds on the horizon and joined Tran'nok in the founding of Bad Moon Rising.

As time took his friends from him, and the pack grew, RedWater found himself surrounded by those he cared for and trusted. While the title of Pack Alpha was passed through his hands, he happily handed it on, content with providing support for the pack rather than wishing to lead it.

Traits Edit

RedWater currently wears an eyepatch due to injury in combat with GrimTotems during a poorly planned quest to free the daughter of a tauren in Freewind Post. A Grimtotem struck his right eye with a sword, blinding him in leaving a scar of white fur across the eye.

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