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Reidra KrastinovEdit

Race: Human
Age: 23
Birthplace: Goldshire
Class: Warrior
Professions: Gnomish Engineer, Killer for Hire
Affiliations: Ex-mindslave of the Scarlet Crusade, claims to have some affiliation with the Scourge.

Appearance: Reidra stands at about five-foot six or so, with a slim-yet-muscular build. Her skin seems pale, almost unnaturally so for one who spends as much time outside as she, and looks clammy to the touch. Her eyes are a deep copper, nearing red when the light shines on them just right. Her hair is black and straight, tied back with a plain white band and hanging to just below her shoulderblades, with bangs neatly cropped above her eyes. Across the middle of her neck is a rather long, vicious scar. On her left cheek is a black mark Her ears are both pierced twice, and she wears a rather strange-looking band on her left ring finger. She generally stands with terrible posture, and is almost always seen with a pair of wicked-looking, bloodsplattered cleavers strapped at her waist.


Reidra hates people. Probably people like you.

Reidra's very intolerant of most other people. While not explicitly "antisocial", she does not do well in large groups of people. Her temper rises very easily and she takes almost everything personally -- and when she gets angry, she gets careless. Prone to violent fits of rage, it's sometimes the smarter thing to just stay out of her way. She holds grudges and never forgets (unless it's something convenient for her). Lies and such are second nature to her at this point, though they do not always come out as convincing. She doesn't enjoy being called on it.

Reidra's pretty racist. She has a bit of a vendetta against Gnomes for reasons unknown to even her own self and will punt one when she feels she can get away with it. Night Elves are also on her list -- she's labeled them as fruity, tree-hugging, self-important arseholes and, since the Tennha incident, is slowly beginning to tire of them as a species. The only other race she really "stands against" is the Forsaken. Their very existence angers her immeasurably and one of her biggest dreams is to wipe them from the face of Azeroth.


Wince 7aEdit


Wincent Matthias the 7ath the First: Wince 7a was Reidra's original Crimson Whelpling. She received him from a Dwarf whose name she couldn't remember for anything (it's shocking she remembers that much, she was drunk the entire time she'd been around him). She took surprisingly good care of Wince, considering who it is we're talking about... She kept him well-fed and clean, and the two grew quite close. She could even be found talking to him when she was in a decent mood. However, when Reidra was 'in the employ' of the Scarlet Crusade, Wince sensed the near-complete reversal in her personality and fled for reasons his own, apparently never to be seen again. He was eventually replaced by...
Wince 7a the Second: Yet another Crimson Whelpling gifted to Reidra, this time by Bertenn for reasons unknown. She viewed this one with hatred, refusing even to name it, though at times she treats it with the loving care she gave the original Wince, suffering from a lapse in memory and believing him to be the real thing. She generally keeps him stuffed in her pack, and only lets him out to annoy people. He seems unnaturally sick, barely able to muster the strength to keep himself aloft, though the tattered condition of his wings might have something to do with that as well. A scar mimicking Reidra's own mark runs through his left eye to just above the lower jaw.



A Cockroach and one of Reidra's favoured pets. The thing is scarily huge, reaching nearly a foot in length. It almost seems intelligent, and can take simple orders. Reidra found the creature in her current 'residence' at Caer Darrow. She commonly lets him out when she's trying to annoy or frighten people, or when spending time in the Plaguelands -- it feels at home there. She feels a sibling-like connection to it...


The Early YearsEdit

Reidra was born to a rather horrible family of little import in a place just outside Stormwind, but close enough to Goldshire that she felt disgustingly more 'at home' there. Her mother confvinced her that every little bad thing that happened was because of her, and as such she grew up with a rather self-loathing attitude. Her father had loved her, but he died soon after she was born (this, too, she received the blame for). If only to get rid of her, Reirda's mother sent Reidra off to train as a Paladin, which she did amazingly horrible at. Lacking faith in the Light due to a lack of 'results' and unwilling to fall victim to the 'brainwashing rhetoric' the Priests spouted at them day and night, it was soon established that becoming anything even remotely connected to the Light was not in Reidra's future. She did, however, show a keen aptitude for physical fighting: Put a sharp blade of some sort in Reidra's hands, and her methods, though crude, were quite effective in combat. Even after getting sent home she continued to practice, honing her skills further and hiring on for work wherever she could. She paid little attention to the wars going on at this point, merely keeping out of their way as best as possible. At the age of fifteen or so she simply tired of her mother and left, striking out Northward for what she hoped were better lands with ample opportunities for profit.

For many years she spent her time in-between the cities of Lordaeron and Stratholme. This was a fairly uneventful time in Reidra's life: She discovered a taste for alcohol and began to speak in a rather rough manner, so as to shake off any who would dismiss her for being "just a girl", and earned her keep wherever she could, honing her skills with the blade. She was neither happy nor sad with her life at this point -- though it was the best things had ever been for her, she desired to be something more than just another mercenary, something different...
Reidra was conveniently absent from Stratholme on the day a plagued shipment of grain from the city of Andorhal, managing to avoid all that "catching the Plague" mess entirely. She arrived a few days after the then-Paladin known as Arthas and the Dreadlord Mal'ganis had ravaged the city; the burned houses and heaps of bodies, burned to keep from spreading the Plague, struck her. She was awed in all the wrong ways of the power of the Scourge, though she had little idea then of just how mighty the Lich King's forces were.

History happened, and, as usual, Reidra managed to keep her neck out of it, keeping the best view of the wars as she could from her vantage point on the sidelines. Her fascination with the Undead never once wavered -- if anything, it increased, though she had little access to any information on the subject.

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Recent EventsEdit

Reidra has returned from her ridiculously long period of inactivity with a vengeance. Calling on favors and old debts, she has rediscovered Berten, though he is entirely as his old self was, a mage of Dalaran -- not the Death Knight she had been serving just weeks before. She's apparently as confused about the matter as he is... Meanwhile, the assumed-dead elf Tennha has resurfaced as well, seemingly alive and well, and leading Reidra to ask even more questions. Reidra has set her assistant Orimm to follow her, and perhaps find out some answers...

Meanwhile, Reidra has succeeded in adopting a young Gnome named Kaez as a sort of pet or something, and is slowly attempting to spread her influence. She feels something in the back of her mind, some indescribable, elating thought. The Lich King is gaining power, and she has taken it upon herself to rally more to the cause before the day of the attack arrives... and at the very moment, her sights are set upon Berten.

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