Description Edit


Name: Rexxara
Race: Orc
Age: 37
Birthplace: Draenor
Class: Hunter
Professions: Goblin Engineering and Mining
Guild: Harbingers of War
Appearence: Rexxara has a rugged, yet grinning expression. He's usually covered in a thin layer of soot, and smells strongly of gunpowder. Several explosives align his belt, along with various tools. Strapped to his left leg is a leather gun case, and unless already in hand, inside rests a polished rifle. Nearby the gun case rests a thick ammo pouch. Time to time a black furred worg follows him around, who also has a thin layer of soot in his fur.

Personality Edit

Rexxara is the opposite of subtle. If one cannot already tell from his appearence, nothing makes him grin wider then a well pitched Boom. He is fascinated by gadgets that cause explosive damage, along with siege weapons of all mechanical types. When there is some kind of conundrum, it is always Rexxara's first thought to solve it with an explosive of some kind. He is very straightfoward and reckless in combat, becoming hardy around a life of endless fire and machinary.

History Edit

Rexxara was born into the Stormreaver clan, only a few years before the opening of the Dark Portal. He held no extradionary talents with physical combat or the teachings of Warlocks, so he was enlisted as a Peon. As he aged further he became a specialist in Siege engineering and one of the top Horde's technology devoloper.

After the fall of the Old Horde, Rexxara continue'd crafting and upgrading siege weapons for the new Horde. He often worked with hired Goblins, whom he greatly admired. Upon the founding of Orgrimmar, the life of adventure called out to Rexxara, as a dark furred worg escaped from the local Worg trainer, it was attracted to Rexxara through his unusual scent. The two eye'd eachother for several moments, and Rexxara befriended the beast, with beastmaster skills he never before realized. The previous master decided to let Rexxara keep the worg, and Rexxara named the worg Abaven. From there Rexxara abandoned his place as the Horde's siege weapon and technology expert, and became an adventuring Beastmaster.

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