Name: Reyne (Rachel) Remington

Profession: Warrior, Sergeant of the Deathguard

Age: Approx. 26 years, her true age is unknown.

Alignment: Chaotic good

She is rather tall for a former human, but thin and wiry. Definately not the usual build for a warrior, she has a more wiry sort of strength. She can frequently be found wandering around Silvermoon, which is her current home. Typically dressed in some variety of plate armor, sometimes she is found wearing robes or leathers for comfort.

History, pre-Forsaken Edit

Born Rachel Remington to family of farmers in Hillsbrad, just outside Southshore, Reyne was a tomboy from the start. Always preferring to play games with the boys instead of learning the more feminine trades, she was constantly in trouble and constantly idolizing the Lordaeron Army soldiers.

The day she came of age, she left home to join up with the Lordaeron Guard. First assigned to Durnholde Keep out of basic training, she proved herself to be a competent soldier. Army discipline took most of the troublemaker out of her, and ingrained in her a deep-seated sense of honor.

After serving a tour in Dalaran as a guard, she held the rank of Sergeant as the Scourge attacked. Her company was sent north to the capital when word came of the fall to Arthas. Her unit joined up with the majority of the Lordaeron Army in a last stand battle south of Brill, where the zeppelin tower stands today. The Scourge outnumbered the Army greatly, and when Arthas entered the battle the Army was quickly driven to retreat and decimated.

Reyne and the remainder of her squad retreated to Silverpine Forest, where lacking any contact with Alliance Command, they spent the next few months fighting a guerilla war against the Scourge, striking from ambush and hiding whenever possible. Eventually they crossed paths with Kael'Thas and the new Blood Elves. Reyne's unit joined up with Kael'Thas, assisting them in their attempt to regroup. When the Blood Elves were condemned by Lord Garithos, Reyne chose the path of honor, and stood by the Blood Elves, running intereference for them as they escaped through the Dalaran Portal to Outlands.

During the fight, the remaining members of her squad were killed or taken prisoner by Garithos' forces. Reyne, find no other alternative made her way to the Lordaeron gates alone, and bulled her way through the Scourge outside. Seeking only to die with the last sight of her city, she took several arrows to the back and died on the steps of the gates of Lordaeron. Quickly raised to the Scourge, her body bears barely any trace of death and decay.

History, in the Horde Edit

Upon her waking to undeath, Reyne was shocked to realize how much the world had changed. Her country had been abandoned by the Alliance, and her former enemies were now her allies. Seeking to find her way in this new situation, she joined up with a group called the Night Vanguard. She served there with distinction, before she fell back under the control of the Scourge for a time.

When she awoke again, the Night Vanguard was no more, and she had to start all over. She accepted a post in the Deathguard, volunteering for a scouting mission north to attempt to re-establish contact with Quel'Thelas. She quickly took to Silvermoon, finding the Blood Elves to be kindred spirits in sharing the betrayal by the Alliance.

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