Rhadamanthus Sturmson, priest, blacksmith, and explorer

Rhadamanthus SturmsonEdit

Race: Human
Age: 28
Birthplace: Countryside near Stratholm
Class: Priest
Professions: Miner/Blacksmith
Alignment: Neutral Good
Affiliations: A staunch supporter of the Alliance, recent inductee of the exploration guild Rini Dieb.


While it might be argued that Rhadamanthus is a little shorter than average, it could also be argued that he's far more solidly built than one might expect of a priest. With broad shoulders and strong hands, it's obvious that this priest isn't the cloistered scholar variety. Apart from that, his blonde hair has been allowed to grow long, hanging a little past his shoulders, and a moustache of the same color is kept carefully trimmed. Bright blue eyes seem practically unable to sit on anything for long, always finding something new to examine.


Rhadamanthus (Rhad to his friends and guildmates) is one of those people that seem nearly impossible to ruffle. This somewhat disguises a low sense of humor and a mischevious personality that, somehow, have yet to get him into trouble. His innate curiosity, however, has. Several abortive trips into the wilds have often seen the priest fleeing back towards civilization with all kinds of monsters and fiends baying at his heels. However, he has successfully learned where not to go.


Rhadamanthus Sturmson began life on a farm. Not even a very large or important farm. They planted crops and raised sheep. If the family was feeling adventurous or it was market day, they'd hitch up the wagons and make the half-day trek out to Stratholm.

That is, before it was razed.

By the time the Scourge came calling, Rhad wasn't a boy anymore, and decided that he wanted to do more for the world than help bring in another crop. Luckily, his family was supportive when he announced that he wanted to go study as a Priest of the Light. They even took him to the nearest town worth mentioning by wagon, using the excuse that they might as well do some business while they were there.

Sadly, this was to be the last time Rhad saw his family alive. The Scourge overran their farm while their son was deep in his studies. Instead of slowing him, however, this sad occurance seemed only to spur the young acolyte onwards. He may not have been able to help his family, but by the Light, he'd be there to help the next.

Time wears on, and lately Rhad tends to find himself up in the Dwarven lands near Dun Morogh, frequently spending whole months out in the mountains with those hardy folk that make their living there. He's fought off raiders, tended the sick, even helped with livestock and the infrequent garden.

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