Rhekka FitzsimmonsEdit

Race: Orc
Age: 19
Birthplace: Hammerfall Camp
Class: Warrior
Professions: None
Affiliations: Big Booty

Appearance: Rhekka has a slightly more dusky brown skin tone than the livid green of Orcs who were corrupted by Mannoroth's blood. She has wide blue eyes that are perpetually in a state of rolling in exaspiration, and she tends to carry herself in a manner that suggests that she wishes she was smaller.


Rhekka is a teenager, through and through. She lives in the absolute certainty that nobody ever in the history of time could ever understand what she was going through, no matter what. She is often closed-off and standoffish, but when it comes to confrontation she's no coward and is quick to pick up her axe.


After giving up hope for a child entirely, Naasha Greywolf by some miracle had Rhekka, named for her father Rhekku, in the worst possible circumstances, at the Hammerfall Orc internment camp in Arathi. When Naasha fell in the camp's liberation, Rhekka was taken in in all the confusion by a human camp administrator and his wife, the Fitzsimmonses. They moved to Lordaeron where Rhekka was kept inside to avoid problems with her race, but soon Lordaeron fell to the plague and she moved again, with a Quel'dorei friend of the family. And then SILVERMOON fell, and Rhekka began to suspect that bad luck was following her wherever she went.

After learning of her existence, however, Rhekku found her in Silvermoon, and the two have been working to build a father and daughter relationship ever since.

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