Rienna ArdlienEdit

Race: Human
Age: 23
Birthplace: Stratholme, Lordaeron
Class: Priest
Professions: Tailor/Enchanter
Affiliations: None




"Born to serve the Light"Edit

Rienna Ardlien was born and grew up in the City of Stratholme, Northern Lordaeron, to an aristocratic and wealthy family during the Second War between the Alliance of Lordaeron, and Doomhammer's Orcish Horde. Her father, Aran Ardlien, was a officer in the Lordaeron Army during the war, who served under Uther the Lightbringer. He became one of the earliest Paladins of the Silver Hand, but he was wounded at the battle of Blackrock Spire, and he returned home to Stratholme to raise his new daughter.

Rienna's childhood was peaceful and happy, and even if she was in the upper class, she did not develop a sense of arrogance towards those less fortunate. Because of this, she was seen as one of the freindliest young girls in the city, one that could be relied upon when others were in difficult situations. There were many incidents of her helping the poor in the city, as well as students with their work. To those who knew her during this time, Rienna, was one of the nicest girls they knew, almost unnatural and inexhausible in her willingness to aid others.

Her father however, a devoted Paladin of the Light, wanted his daughter to serve the light as well. Kind as she was, Rienna hardly wanted to be absorbed in such a world, ultimately a world that she believed would cost her a life of happiness that she desired. Her goal was to live a normal life, not even one of an aristocrat, and certainly not one trapped in books and monastery halls. Despite this, her father forced Rienna to learn the teachings of a Priestess, which, although made him proud that he was making her become something greater than an ordinary person, made his daughter terribly sad and lonely, with a subtle dislike for her father starting to develop.

The Depressed, yet Supreme Teenage StudentEdit

In her teen years in the city, Rienna became an object of obsession for teenage boys, but she never could enter a relationship with any of them. She longed for a meaningful relationship, to have a freind away from books and studies, but she could not find one due to the persistence of her teachers and father who wanted her to be a Priestess. Rienna felt sad, and torn inside between her father and what she wanted. Ultimately however, her father would lock her in her room, and force her to study rather than be out in the streets, which ultimately did not work as Rienna would simply open her windows and chat with people who climbed up to see her.

Despite this forced isolation, Rienna was still well liked by everyone her age, when she was allowed outside. She was, despite spending much time locked up in her home, still considered to be someone who was unforgettable to those who met her, and that she could make anyone smile with her charm and kindness. She was able to be happy outside, but she often would go home and cry. Though everyone could talk to her about troubles and problems, she did not have anyone who she could talk to about her troubles at home. Ultimately, her father realized that his methods were too harsh, and he began to stop his practice of locking Rienna in her room. Their relationship did improve to some degree, but it never truly recovered since Rienna now saw him as an obstacle to her personal wishes, and one that she was not willing to be stopped by.

What her father also noticed was her stunning progress in the abilities of the light. Even if she was only 17 years old, she already exceeded his own abilities in healing and the power of the light. But, she had no real training, and lacked the ability to truly use these powers effectively. Because of this, He sent Rienna to Lordaeron City, to study there from the legendary archbishops there. She was accompanied by her older brother, Zernig, who was going to Lordaeron to learn From Uther about the ways of the Paladins, hopefully to become a Paladin of the Silver Hand. Rienna was happy to be going to Lordaeron City, away from her father with her older brother, who she admired and liked. At the same time, she felt sad that she was leaving her friends and classmates, who still treated her as their "big sister" that they could always rely upon as a true friend. She could not imagine, in her horror, she would niether see her father, or any of her friends alive again.

The Third War: Tragedy, Arthas, and EscapeEdit

Rienna and Zernig arrived in Lordaeron City, and quickly both became excellent and distinguished pupils. Zernig's training however was cut short when Uther, and his star pupil Prince Arthas set out to deal with a new threat of the Horde, apparently under the leadership of a new and very cunning warchief named Thrall. Rienna heard of these event with alarm, both for the kingdom, but for her brother, who might be sent to the front. Luckily, Zernig was not sent to the front, and the Lordaeron Army appeared to have beaten the horde, now investigating a recent plague that was springing up in the Northlands, which had started just after Rienna and Zernig arrived in Lordaeron. They never realized how lucky they had been.

One day, while studying, her teacher interrupted with news: Stratholme had been burned and destroyed by Arthas' army, apparently to destroy a massive concentration of Undead there. Rienna wept openly, and screamed continously until she was taken out of the monastery, back to her home in Lordaeron. Now her father, and all of her friends had died at the hands of the prince. Zernig, also horrified, suggested that they leave immediately and head south to the Mage city of Dalaran, thinking that Dalaran would be safer than Lordaeron. Rienna also believed this, thinking that if Arthas could burn one of the greatest human cities in the world, how long would it be before he marched into Lordaeron and took the kingdom for himself? They left immediately. Ironically, the day after they left was the day Arthas returned from his expedition to Northrend, and killed his father King Terenas, siezing Lordaeron City in the name of the Undead Scourge.

Rienna and Zernig did not stay in Dalaran for long, only a few weeks, and once they heard Arthas, now the Lich King's First Death Knight was marching steadily towards Dalaran, they decided to flee. Instead of going further south however, they quietly slipped north again into the town of Hearthglen. This town was one of the few points that had not been overrun by the Scourge, defended by seasoned warriors who easily threw back the scourge's attempt to storm the town. They felt safe here, even if they were effectively surrounded in a sea of undead, plague, and death.

In the Name of the Light: The Scarlet CrusadeEdit

When word that Dalaran was destroyed by Archimonde, a lord of the Burning Legion, and that the Scourge now effectively controlled Lordaeron however, they were terrified that they may never escape Hearthglen alive. Her hopes were lifted when large numbers of Lordaeron troops rallied in Hearthglen to hold it as a bastion where they would fight the undead in any way they could. They banded together, united along with several other holdouts such as Tyr's Hand and the great monastery which Rienna had studied at for a time. These warriors, who apparently fought to destroy the Undead scourge, now becan to call themselves the Scarlet Crusade.

At first, Rienna and Zernig thought that they were safe, and that these crusaders would keep them alive, even if trapped in Hearthglen. Zernig himself volunteered to join the Crusade, even if he was only a Paladin-in-training. With her brother gone, Rienna, virtually alone, stayed in Hearthglen for a year, but then the safe atmosphere began to change. Her brother was now secretly telling Rienna things that he would have been killed for had he mentioned. The Scarlet Crusade was now a depraved movement, which had begun to kill anyone they suspected of being "plagued", even innocent humans in Hearthglen. It seemed to them that it would only be a matter of time before Rienna would be seen as one of them, since she was not in the Crusade. Desperate, Rienna and Zernig chose to flee Hearthglen, and try to brave the Plaguelands to reach safety, if it existed. Ultimately, they chose their destination to be Southshore.


The road was perilous, and on the way, Crusaders ambushed them and took Zernig prisoner. Rienna managed to escape, but she felt horrible and sad, fearing her brother would not survive the wrath of the Crusaders for deserting them. She faced great danger in passing through plague infested lands controlled by the scourge. She had many horrible encounters, including numerous attacks by warriors of the Undead Scourge, but her abilities as a priestess had by then given her enough ability to fend off their attacks and ultimately defeat them. Her journey crossed through among the worst devastated territories, from Hearthglen through the plaguelands, into Alterac, then finally into Hillsbrad. Her journey was extremely dangerous, and she began to believe her journey meant certain death in the end, that she would not reach Southshore. However, Rienna was helped out by a few surviving humans, some Scarlet Crusaders who had deserted, Agents of the newly formed Order of the Argent Dawn, and eventually by Soldiers of Lordaeron from the one of the last effective Lordaeron armies: The Army of Southshore. After a perilous, bloody, and brutal 3 month journey through the wastes of Lordaeron and the brutal cold of the Alterac Mountains, Rienna finally reached Southshore, the last effective remaining settlement in Lordaeron.

Rienna stayed in Southshore for about 2 months, but she began to feel ill and sad, constantly worrying about Zernig. Those who saw her in town thought her a strange person, who seemed to have many secrets, but she always returned a smile to try to calm their fears and curiosities. Her charming personality dispelled their strange suspicions, and they welcomed her openly over time. Despite that the people of Southshore were kind and helpful, Rienna was eager to leave Southshore, to go to a place more to her liking. When she heard of the new Kingdom of Theramore, on distant Kalimdor, Rienna chose to leave Southshore and venture to Theramore Isle, hoping to get as far away from her homeland as possible.

In Theramore, Rienna finished her training as a healer and user of the light, being hailed as an exceptional student by her teachers there. Though she still had bitter memories of her father, she decided that she should at least complete this training, if only to honor his memory and to finish what she had started, even if she had very little common interests with the clergy. Once again, Rienna was happy and cheerful, and everyone in Theramore seemed to know her as a great person. However, when she heard the tragic news that her brother had been executed by the Scarlet Crusade for treason, this brief happiness rapidly changed. Some who knew Rienna noticed a marked change in her habiats. Even if she still had the same charming and friendly personality, some noticed that Instead of focusing on the study of the light, Rienna spent more time focusing on darker magics. Many became worried that Rienna, in her horrible sadness, may be delving into forbidden abilities that no Priestess of the light ought to learn. It is still unknown just how much she did learn from this training, and those who noticed this change decided it would be wisest not to ask.

The Present DayEdit

For 2 years, she resided in Theramore, but now she has left Theramore, arriving in Stormwind City. As a fully capable Priestess of the Light, Rienna is here to help those who are in need of the Light's gift. Though pained by her losses, she still remains a cheerful and happy person that can please anyone, and very few if anyone can see the shadows she hides within herself. However, some might say that she has more about her than meets the eye. To detect this hidden side of Rienna however is almost impossible, for her pleasing nature makes it very difficult for anyone to try to probe her thoughts without being absorbed by her personality.

Now Rienna, Lady of the Light, is leaving her mark on the troubled lands of Azeroth. Those who are aided are grateful and pleased by her, but others watch her with unease. For all her charm, caring personality, and friendly smile, Rienna seems to be hiding something... something dark, mysterious, and unknown...

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