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Name: Riki
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Class: Warlock
Guild: None
Age: 26
Eye Color: ?
Skin Color: Sick-Yellow
Hair Color: Blood Red
Hobbies: Getting Gifts (for herself), Flirting & Fighting

Appearance & Personality:Edit

A young orc of normal enough looks. Though she was gifted with what might have been beauty once, but extended battle and travel have hidden her appealing attributes. (Maybe a good bath and a little soap would do the trick?) Riki remains a steadfast flirt to anyone willing to look at her - due to this, it seems any hopes of a real relationship are fleeting at best. In battle, she allows only her most primal thoughts to take control, and in this unleashed mindset she becomes a ruthless and cruel machine. Once outside the battle, she is always mindful of a coming fight, and is quick to anger. Those few that do manage to befriend her will find her loyal, but hasty in her decisions.

History/Past Edit


Currently Edit


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