Rini Dieb is the brainchild of self-proclaimed Explorer Extraordinaire Farahl Shadewhisper. It was created from her disillusionment with the many organizations within the alliance dedicated to snobby nobles, annoyingly honorable knights, wannabe 'badguys' or just general pricks.

Farahl created an explorers guild. A guild for people who seek adventure, treasure, knowledge or just wish to see the world. Her intention was to create a tight knit group of people to travel together, have adventures and share tales.

Membership (partial list)Edit

Farahl Shadewhisper

Chiseta Hakubi
Lyranna Lyresong

Aden Hawke
Adonia Moonwhisper
Enrik Hannigan
Gelles Magain
Hizzington Reginald Toggleswitch
Kilim Arayici
Natalise Cordana
Rhadamanthus Sturmson
Xyra Lunastar


Several years after Farahl Shadewhisper's first steps onto the eastern lands, she made friends with several like-minded individuals who shared her goals of exploration. So began the establishment of a guild for explorers dubbed Rini Dieb, which meant Full Moon in her mother tongue. The guild slowly grew in size but quickly grew in reputation for the rather improper behavior of its members and recklessness in their goals of exploration. Due to an incident with explosives within Uldaman, Rini Dieb entered into an agreement with the Explorer's League to accept a small salary on the condition that Rini Dieb's members would no longer destroy any priceless relics during their explorations.

Events and StorylinesEdit

The Demon ScrollsEdit

After defeating a powerful demon lord in Felwood, Farahl stumbled across a scroll written in a language she could not decifer. Knowing that guild member Verien was a young warlock and thinking she would benefit from being needed, Farahl turned the scroll over to Verien for translation. The scroll guided them to another scroll, and that to another, and so on. The directions in the scrolls have been taking the members of Rini Dieb all over Azeroth and have had them facing many dangers as they draw closer to the possible treasure at the end of these clues. What will the members of Rini Dieb find at the end of this wild chase?

More to come!

What We're About (OoC)Edit

RD is a heavy roleplaying guild focusing on questing together and hopefully with some endgame aspirations. First target: In character Zul'Gurub runs.

We try to keep out drama queens (OoC drama queens, IC drama queens are usually okay) and generally unpleasant people. I intend RD to be the most friendly, fun and supportive guild there is. Friendly, polite and above all mature people are welcome. All that's asked of you is to roleplay to your heart's content and have fun with other guildmembers and the rest of the wonderful roleplaying community on Thorium Brotherhood.

We welcome people of all experience levels, both in and out of game. New to the game? So are other people! As long as you're willing to learn, that's fine.


Official Forum

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