Description Edit

Name: Rolise (surname unknown)
Race: Forsaken
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Raised: Unknown Awoke: Deathknell.
Class: Priestess
Professions: Tailor, Enchanter
Affiliations: Hired Hand of The Malochian Hand
Appearance: Rolise was quite young when she died, thus leading to have a very young looking corpse when she has risen. She has dirty blonde hair, and asides from the usual places, Rolise has barely rotted away, looking more then beautiful, for a corpse. It is said amongst the ranks of The Malochian Hand, that Rolise has a very strange resemblence to her master, Arbert Cor'san

Occupation and PersonalityEdit

Rolise is one of the sassiest young ladies in all of Azeroth, loud mouthed, quick tempered, and flirtatious to boot. She does what she wants, when she wants to do it. Unless of course it comes to matters of the Malochian Hand. She has more then once gone out of her way to support the only family she has known. She looks to the Dark Matron, Voltemse as a spiritual leader in the shadow arts. This young fiery spirited lass is certainly one that many should avoid.


Very little is known of young Rolise, where shes from, who was her family. She like many other undead, do not remember their lives prior to their awakening. She intends to find out, yet not live in her past, like so many of her kind do. She feels it is important to know the past yet to not let that past change who you are.

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