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           First:         Rosalinn 
           Last:          Deidricks
           Maiden Name:   Erling

Race: Human

Age: 26

Marital Status: Widowed

Birthplace: Hillsbrad

Guild Affiliation: Scarlet Crusade

Professions: Enchanting (270-something) Tailoring (300)

Appearance: Rosalinn has a high forehead and a prominent widow’s peak hairline. This combined with high cheekbones and a somewhat weak chin lends her face a distinctive heart shape, set in a wispy blonde frame contained in a long braid.

She has a long frame, with a thin build that belies her height. Long fingers make her hands seem oversized, a fact accentuated often by gestures or the rapid pull of a sewing needle.

Her usual attire is red and white, always modest and usually finished off with a tabard that loudly announces her affiliations to a particular order within Stormwind. Her only adornment is a set of drop shaped earrings worked gold that swing with a soft 'chink' with the slightest movement of her head.

Personality and Dealings: Rosalinn is a bundle of anxiety and emotions that are constantly bubbling over into her dealings with others. She has never met an emotion she didn’t like or feel the need to share. This combination causes her to be a bit excitable, terribly honest, and at times manipulative.

Rosie very quickly and easily makes her judgements regarding others. She has a simple view of the world, one of ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ ‘Us’ automatically includes her fellow crusaders, and ‘Them’ is automatically anything that is a corpse and is now moving. Although there was a time when anything human would have been on her favorable list, recent encounters with the denizens of Stormwind have dramatically altered her views of the world. Thusly, the city of Stormwind is on the second list. She is also beginning to place all Night Elves on that list as well.

Faith Rosalinn showed little interest in the Light in her early years. Like any good mother would, hers had fought diligently for a time to instill the values of this philosophy in her daughters, but past learning of its existence and The Three, Rosie proved hopelessly impervious until after the war began and the loss of her husband shocked her flighty system.

Rosie began to thirst after the Light and its ways, hungering after the changes it promised. She harrased the aged priest near her home, barraging him with questions and begging for instruction, all the while with her daughter set firmly on her hip.

Background: Rosalinn was born in Hillsbrad, a small farming community near Southshore near what is now the Western Plaguelands. She was born the second of three daughters to Stian and Lenne Erling. Her childhood and adolescence were spent living on her father's orchard, until she married and left to start a family of her own with her husband, Roland Deidricks. Two years after their union came the birth of their first child, Enid.

Person's of Note:

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