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Name: Roshanar Skychaser
Race: Tauren
Age: A young adult, equivalent to a human's late twenties.
Birthplace: Thousand Needles
Class: Warrior
Professions: Mining / Armorsmith
Affiliations: Former Night Shield, Night Shield Commander, and Cerberus of the Night Vanguard.
Former Alpha of the Wolves of the Warchief. Council member of Bad Moon Rising.
Appearance: Roshanar is a large tauren, with a dark hide and black horns. He has sharp yellow eyes and a scruffy mane. He is almost always armored, and carries a large sword at his belt or slung over his shoulder.

Personality Edit

Roshanar Skychaser is rather quiet by nature, although he does make his feelings known if an issue carries a lot of weight with him. He also enjoys the camaraderie he has found with the Night Vanguard and the Wolves, and is more than willing spend time conversing with his fellows. He is widely reputed to have a strong penchant for moonberry juice.

Roshanar is a protector at heart, and his actions are nearly always guided by his intense desire to shield his people and their allies from those who would harm them. He has a strong sense of honor and justice, as well as a passion for his duty. Family is quite important to him, especially now, as he seeks to recultivate his relationship with his sister.

He is highly concerned with the advances of the Silithid and a possible return of the Burning Legion. He views these threats as things that the Tauren, and even the Horde at large, are not able to stand against alone. He has been hopeful that the Horde and the Alliance may band together to face these threats, but recent attacks have made him question the wisdom of such a pact.

He also has a rather strong dislike for the Grimtotem tribe, and views them as traitors who threaten the survival of the Tauren as a whole.

Connections Edit

Roshanar has a strong sense of tauren pride, and has a number of connections within various tauren circles and tribes. He has a great deal of respect and admiration for the Argent Dawn, and is always more than happy to assist them in any way he can. He very much enjoys spending time in the Moonglade, and seeks out a solitary spot there whenever he needs to ponder issues of importance to him.

He retains connections forged during his time in the Night Vanguard, though his hope and trust in Lady Sylvanas has wavered since her order dissolving the unit. He often works closely with Bad Moon Rising, and has been recently seen regularly in the company of one of their own, Khydann Thistledown. He also has frequent contact with the patrons and staff of The Drunken Kodo.

While in the past, Roshanar held the Cenarion Circle in high regard and worked with them often, the events surrounding the death of his mate while on a mission for the Circle soured his relationship with the organization; he now associates with them far less frequently.

History Edit

Roshanar does not speak much of his childhood, but it is known that he was born in the Thousand Needles and raised by Thorm Skychaser, a skilled shaman and herbalist. Along with his brother, Beram, and his sister, Ihoni, Roshanar learned the use of various types of flora from the kind Shaman, a skill that continues to bring him enjoyment.

According to local reports, Thorm Skychaser was killed shortly after the events surrounding the destruction of the World Tree, and the circumstances surrounding his death caused a split between Roshanar and Beram. Roshanar left the area, and was next seen in the company of the flamboyant orc Tagamesh. His newfound friend led him on many adventures, culminating in the pair joining the Night Vanguard. Roshanar entered service with the Night Shields, and was eventually asked to lead the division. He was ultimately given the position of Cerberus, and served as the de facto leader of the Vanguard after the disappearance of Alexander until the unit was finally disbanded.

During his service in the Vanguard, he met and eventually married the druid Ehawe. She was later killed on a mission for the Cenarion Circle. He has since become involved with, and then married, Khydann Thistledown, after much meddling and prodding by two mutual friends.

Along with many former members of the Night Vanguard, Roshanar was sworn in to a new incarnation of the unit, the Wolves of the Warchief, where he served as an Alpha until the unit was disbanded. He spent the better part of a year serving on assignement with an Argent Crusade contingent, and now is proud to count himself as a pack member of Bad Moon Rising.

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