General InformationEdit

Name: Rothgard Marhall
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior
Professions: Alchemy and Herbalism
Age: 49
Place of Birth: Menethil Harbor
Height: 5'70"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black (Now greyed)
Affiliations: The Comrades of Destiny.


Rothgard was once a vibrant youth, unhampered by the sorrow that plagues him now. Now it is rare for Rothgard to speak, and even rarer for him to smile. Always he is reminicing, pondering the events of the past and considering what he might have done differently. He hates looking in mirrors, and this is not only because of the hair that has untimely turned deep grey.

Life UnbearableEdit

Three years ago Rothgard was happily married to a woman names Valien. She had jet black hair and eyes that were ice blue. Valien was a wondeful woman, except for her absolute dependecy on her own emotions. Rothgard loved her passionately, and they had a healthy baby boy. One day Rothgard was fired from his position as a school teacher in Stormwind and he went broke. Not knowing what esle to do, he and Valien packed up their house and left for Rothgard's birth place of Menethil Harbor.

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