Name: Sabdeg "Father Sabby" Gedole.
Race: Forsaken.
Class: "Priest," he'll vehemently claim, though the imp at his side defies his answer.
Age: 29(27 upon death).
Birthplace: Westfall.
Current Residence: A small room in Brill's inn.
Affiliations: The church.
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Appearance: Under construction.

"A Bit of a Loon" (Personality)Edit

Upon death, something strange happened to our good man, Father Sabby. His mind - tortured by the heat of the sun - baked a little too long before he finally bit the bullet. Since rising, he's been known for erratic behavior: while most of the time he'll be completely "batshit" (to quote Lucrothe), he occasionally has moments of surprising lucidity. Through his altering states of madness, one can tell that his intentions are good, even if the outcome never seems to be the way he wants it.

The Town's Records (History)Edit

Life is a topic not often visited by Sabdeg. Though he spoke openly of it upon his re-awakening, after that he seems to have shut down on the subject entirely. His reasons for doing so are unclear, but so are most of his addled motives.

A Holy ManEdit

Back in his home in the Westfall region, Sabdeg was known as a pious man. He grew up a trapper and hunter, taking after his father, and became strangely fascinated by the art of skinning. His surviving neighbors still recall how he used to drag a goretusk into the game hut, lock the doors, and come out hours later with one of the finest hides they'd ever seen. He had a hidden talent for the trade, though many suspect his obsessive nature was a warning sign for what was to come.

As Sabdeg grew older, his habit was neglected in favor of the church. He began to study the way of the Light on a nightly basis, and after three years of learning, became the town's resident priest and preacher. At five o'clock every other night, he'd perform public sermons and teach the townspeople his philosophy. His profession soon earned him a fond spot in the town's heart, and he quickly became a well-known man in his area.

Sadly, his popularity proved brief.

The ChargeEdit

Behind closed doors, Sabdeg (now known as "Father Sabby") continued his skinning profession. He would come home every evening after church, drag a boar into his hut and shut the doors, the practice almost a ritual by this point. Though those that lived near him felt a pinch of concern for his daily performances, they spoke not a word - not until one of their own went missing.

James Rodrigu, a local man quoted for his dealings with the stranger individuals of the land, was found dead in the fields, his body in a state that few of the locals had the will to describe. The courageous said that a violent gash had been made upon his forehead, and his skin - they shuddered to recount - had been pulled clean off in places.

Horrified, the town turned to the only person they knew whose behavior seemed likely: Father Sabby.

Standing at the ScaffoldEdit

The charge came without trial or tribulation: murder, for which the punishment was death by hanging. In the wee hours of the morning, a mob thundered up to Sabdeg's door and broke it down. Sabdeg scarcely had the time to don his robes before he was siezed by the arms and dragged out of his home. His parents soon followed, screaming their protests as the jury went about its duty.

They'd prepared the scaffold well before Sabdeg's arrival. As he was pulled closer, he uttered a prayer, though what exactly he said remains a mystery to this day (the people of Westfall claim it was an utterance of worship to the Nether). His hands were bound and his head quickly forced into the noose. But as the jeers of the crowd grew louder and louder, as the frenzy reached its peak, a familiar and terrible groan was heard in the distance.

The mob fled immediately, leaving Sabdeg alone at death's doorstep.


The settlement that once existed in Westfall is now long gone. A minor scourge raid cleared the place that morning, wiping out nearly all inhabitants over the next few days. The undead swept the town from the opposite end as the scaffold, and - for reasons unknown - failed to notice the delicious dinner waiting at the scaffold. It was only when the Stormwind militia arrived that they were pushed back, but by then it was far too late.

The town was empty. Corpses lay in the street, both human and scourge, and one of the only survivors found was a criminal whose neck had yet to be hung.

Like any good soldier, the man questioned the accused, but his witness had been standing for four days and was, by that point, delirious. Frustrated, the soldier located one of the other survivors and sought answers from her. When he'd learned all he could of the attack, he asked of Sabdeg's crimes, and recieved an answer that convinced him of his next move.

He strolled up to the scaffold and pulled the lever.


Nothing is known between the time Sabdeg's neck snapped in the cold, afternoon air in Westfall and the moment when his eyes first snapped open in Brill's graveyard. He himself seems to have lost all memory of this time in his "life," and draws a blank when questioned about it. However, common knowledge suggests that he'd breathed in the plague and was already beginning to fall ill by the time his "savior" arrived and sentenced him.


One quiet evening in Brill, something in the graveyard was stirring, and it wasn't just Lucrothe. As the Forsaken soldier of the Harbingers of War patrolled the headstones with his worg, he spotted a hand shooting out of one of the graves, followed shortly by another. Seconds later, a groaning figure pulled itself halfway out of the grave, only to fall back in when its arms tore off.

Cautiously, Lucrothe approached and shouted, "Who are you? Are you Scourge, or Forsaken? Answer me!"

At first, he recieved only a series of peculiar scuffling sounds in reply, but then a ragged voice hollered from the hole, "Father Sabby, jes' Father Sabby. Ain't no dead no how."

Lucrothe sighed with relief. From then on, Sabdeg's life began to change.

Current TimesEdit

Nowadays, Sabdeg spends his afternoons wandering much of Kalimdor, though he spends much of his time studying in his room in the Brill inn. He doesn't seem to realize that he's deceased, nor that he possesses a much different power now than he did when he was alive. Oftentimes he refers to his imp as a cat, refusing to believe that his ability to conjure the Light has transformed into something much darker.

From Light to ShadowEdit

Under construction.


Under construction.

OOC: Spot an Issue?Edit

Taking a note from Talash, here.

No one has the fabled Golden Pen. If you spot lore issues in my profile or think something about Sabdeg is too Gary-Sueish, please tell me right away. I'd love to have the opportunity to fix the mistakes I make.

- Vodral

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