Name: Sabrin Goethe
Race: Forsaken
Class: Mage
Guild: Night Vanguard
Professions: Herbalism and Alchemy
Age: 18 (at death)
Birthplace: Southshore
Status: Active


(Under Construction)


Let me just get one thing straight off the bat: Kel'Thuzad tricked me.

You see, I get a bad rap for being manipulative, but this guy takes the cake!

Hm. Let me start at the beginning, maybe...

I started out as a well-to-do daughter of a merchant and apprentice of the Kirin Tor. Well, all right--I really started out as a poor serving girl in the kitchens of the Violet Citadel. But, I did manage to maybe kinda sorta seduce one of the other apprentices into helping me forge my way in--and that's almost the same thing, right?

Okay, so back on track. I'd always wanted to study all the cool magical powers that the mages throw around all the time, but I never thought there would be so much studying! I mean, come on! Reagents, elements, chemical compounds, essences and shards... BO-RING!

So, some would say I wasn't a very good apprentice mage, but what do they know? Huh?

Where was I? Oh, right. So, I studied under Kel'Thuzad for a while--that guy was pretty good looking for an old guy, you know? Anyways, I started noticing some strange stuff about him, I mean stranger than being a creepy old guy, right? I mean, he was always so jumpy and, like, acting like someone was always watching him. But, he was a better instructor than most of them--and he taught me all kinds of spells the other guys wouldn't even touch. You know, I think I remember that being a real problem. So, he got kicked out of the Kirin Tor or something and I didn't see him for a while after that.

Oh! And then I met this absolute _hunk_ of a man--one of the Dalaran Protectors named Zyk, right? Big, beefy, 100% man! And I could totally tell he had the hots for me, which was good because I was always getting drooled on by those scrawny bookish boy apprentices. Yuck!

So, anyway, he and I got kinda serious, and that was cool. Then it got WAY serious when he asked me to marry him! I was, like, totally not expecting it. But I'm hot, and he's hot, so it makes sense, right? Well, anyway, we get hitched, and married life is cool--even though it leaves me less time for study, if you know what I mean. And Zyk is a really sweet guy, even though he could get a bit preachy at times.

Okay, so then all the sudden Kel'Thuzad bumps into me in the market one day, and I'm like, Whoa! This guy was banished! And he's like, telling me about this cool group he's getting together and how there's all sorts of cool magic involved, and he even lets me bring Zyk along!

Yeah, so I'm part of this kinda creepy death cult, right? And I'm like--okay, Death can be trendy if done with the right taste, sure. I mean, I'm just an Acolyte, so I don't actually have to touch the dead things, which is totally cool, and I'm learning some really major cool stuff--way faster than I did before.

Well, things didn't go so well after that. I don't remember much other than some dwarf bashing me and Zyk's head in--probably beat all the memories out of my brain, I don't know--but I do remember flying around like a spirit for a bit before I hear Kel'Thuzad's voice calling to me. And then it's all flashes and fragments--some really disgusting stuff, too, like eating dead bodies and killing alot of soldiers.

So then, one day, I just... wake up out of this haze. So, imagine my surprise to find myself inhabiting this rotting body. UGH! and Zyk--oh, poor Zyk--is not NEARLY as manly as he once was. Well, Lady Sylvanus calls to us with her brain powers or something and we end up joining her army. I mean, it makes sense, us being dead and all. I went right back to casting spells, but Zyk had lost a lot of muscle as a zombie thing, and he also didn't take the whole being dead thing well (who would?) and got a LOT more preachy than he had been back in the day. I mean, I still love him, sure, but alot has changed in our world, so we'll have to depend on each other to make it through. At least, that's how I see it.


((Under Construction))

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