Core Statistics Edit

Name: Sahuruninra Kaylnos FallenSky
Title: the Forsaken
Rank: Knight Lieutenant
Race: Night Elf
Class: Warrior
Spec: Arms/Fury
Professions: Herbalism and Skinning
Age: 314
Eye Colour: The glow makes them appear platinum.
Hair: Silver
Skin-Tone: Pale Violet
Height: 6'5
Weight: 170 lbs.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Physical Appearance Edit

Most often seen in my plate armor with an polearm strapped to my back, I keep my hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. At the base of my neck, in the back, is a tattoo depicting a Troll surrounded by many arcane symbols. There is a scar running through the tattoo.
The markings on my face bring to mind wind blown tears(in my opinion) they are the hue of deep purple. My left cheekbone is slightly misshapen, as I once suffered a great injury. It is the only one usually visible.
Along my ears are many carved-bone rings. I also wear a silver septum ring. Sometimes you can notice a bracelet with small trinkets on it protruding from under my left bracer. I also wear a chain around my neck with a ring on it.

Personality Edit

I am distrustful of all other races. Although I am fluent in Common, it is a rare priveledge to hear me speak it. I am arrogant but polite. I do not so much consider myself above all others as I feel that all others are beneath me. You can prove your worth on the battlefield. Do not mistake my pride for prejudice.
When it comes to the Horde, I see them as no worse than any Alliance race. With the exception of Orcs. I understand that not all of them are tainted, and as with anyone else, respect can be earned.. but Azeroth would be better off with their filthy kind wiped from it.
I loathe those who are.... below average intelligence.
What she knows in her heart but will never let anyone know, is that her cold impenatrable heartless facade.... is just that. A facade.

Background Edit

Childhood Edit

I was raised in Darkshore. I generally shied away from all people. I spent many days in study of whatever my curiosity took hold of. I was sheltered from the Wars but not ignorant of them.
My father is a scholar in Darnassus, currently, my mother a priestess at the temple. I have no siblings I willingly speak of.

Sentinels Edit

I joined the Sentinals out of a desire to explore. I then spent many years in Ashenvale doing whatever my assignments sent me to. I have led an uneventful life. However, my days with the Sentinels ended on a most peculiar day. I was sent into the Barrens to survey a clan of Centaurs. We were given false information about a suspected attack. A prank I suppose. But on the day I departed Silverwing, I could feel great change coming to my life.
It was in the Barrens, on the edge of an oasis that I spied a skirmish between an Orc, a Troll, and a band of roving Centaur. The hordlings fell as they were sorely outnumbered. The Troll however did not die. Something came over me and I took him into my care. Nothing was ever the same afterwards.

Post Sentinels Edit

Jin'tal was his name. He took me to see the Quel'Dorei, through their magicks I was disguised as Troll woman. The tattoo at the base of my neck was the center of the enchantment. That day he presented me with a ring made of thorium shaped to look like vines twisting over a crescent moon. Soon we were wed and we took a new surname, FallenSky.

We traveled far and made our home in the Hinterlands. We lived many happy years together. We learned how to communicate with eachother even if neither of us ever spoke the others tongue fluently.

On one life changing day, he gave me a bracelet. It has little beads on it, each with a rune symbolizing an element. Later three more beads were added, one with the meaning of his name, and one with the meaning of mine. One bead was left blank.... On another day I had givin him a set of carved earrings. Made from the bones of a raptor. It was a good day and is a fond memory.

Recent Past Edit

Two years ago we moved to Orgrimmar. That is where our happiness ended. An Elf rogue had managed to get into the city. It was in the Drag where he was spotted by the guard. Thinking to get a bargaining chip, he reached out and grabbed my husband. Without thinking, and in a panic, I lunged at the rogue. The guards at my heels, a fight broke out. In one fateful swipe the rogues dagger slashed the back of my neck. Cutting through the tattoo, my enchantment was shattered. It took a second look from the guards to begin to comprehend the situation. Finally pummeling the rogue on the temple with the hilt of her sword, the rogue was knocked unconscious. All three of us were apprehended.

The rogue was carried off to another location than my husband and I. Thinking us spies, we were brought before Thrall. I had heard many great things of this leader of Orcs. They proved true. He saw the truth in our eyes as we explained ourselves. To prevent unrest amongst the people, he punished us only with exile. Our lives were spared. Our escort out of the land was not so kind.

A group of Orcs escorted out of Durotar and into the Barrens. The forth night of our journey into exile, our escort turned on us. Riled up by strong drink unforgiving hatred at thoughts of their people made humble in the Camps. Not givin time to react, due to the surprise at the suddeness of the ensuing conflict, one drew a two-handed mace and smashed it into my face.

Upon waking, my head throbbing with pain, blood dried and sticky on my cheek, I found the corpse of my husband not far from where I lay. He had been brutally beaten to death. The details of his condition are too painful to delve into. Inspecting my own condition, tears blurring my vision which was already worsened by the pain in my head, I discovered a ghastly wound on my back and found traces of physical defilement.

Widowed and near mortally wounded, I fed myself on hatred and carried my broken spirit and body into Ashenvale. I collapsed from exhaustion at the pond near Silverwing. I would later be discovered and transported to Darnassus and nursed back to health.

Currently Edit

I could not return to the Sentinels. I could not return to the Horde. I could not carry myself through life on hatred. I let my departed beloved go to whatever the afterlife is for him. I gave new purpose to my life. I am not resentful for what happened, I am emphatic. I live now seeking honor amongst the Alliance and the Horde. Glory drives me. The lust for battle. The oppertunity to find and slay the foul individuals that wrecked my past.

Some day... Edit

I hope to achieve my goal... One day I will join my love.

Recently Edit

I had hoped to never again cross paths with her. With her she brought to me dark tidings of disturbances at the Dark Portal. Whatever her news may mean, I cannot understand it right now. However confused she has left me. One thing is clear..... my sister, Balanitsu, has returned.

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